Jan. 9th, 2012

Axel Part 2

Jan. 9th, 2012 12:28 am
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Because I am not confident and not that good of an interactive person, I still could some help with this.

Again, I'm going to try and app Axel Almer. Here's the old plot thread: http://imperial-plots.livejournal.com/12622.html

I just added something new a couple weeks ago. Tell me what you think or add your comments:

- Within the beyond-the-sea special forces group of the Feddies Shadow Mirrors, Axel is an officer (and bujutsu instructor) who becomes friends with a newbie named "Kyousuke Nanbu". This Kyousuke happens to be a Rift (or Einst) duplicate of the mainland Kyousuke. This is not noticed because Einst-Kyousuke suppressed his demon nature.

- Like OG Canon, the SM wants to develop their civilization through eternal conflict since peace causes life to decay. Especially with the demons around. Military power increases/evolves/advances through war. This scheme was founded by a relative of Vindel Mauser, who is the current commander. The relative might formerly be from Britain?

- Einst Kyou is nicknamed "Beowulf" (for reasons I mentioned in the old thread), promoted early, and becomes the Squad Leader of the Beowulves in short time. Occasionally, his demon side would try to surface, making him act strange. A few times Axel would scold his behavior. One time, Axel put Kyou in jail and even suggested his demotion.

- While fighting, Einst Kyo goes out of control and infects his Beowulf team. He is bent on destroying human kind and ruling the world. Axel didn't know this until...

- While Axel's team was on an operation to go across the ocean, Beowulf team arrives. Einst Kyou kills many of Axel's team, and this is where the grudge starts. Axel duels Beowulf to save some of his friends, catching up with them later.

And I ran out of steam after this part ^^: The familiar Shadow Mirror members (including Axel) would probably set their "mainland" base of operations on one of the provinces?

Can't think of what happens to Einst Kyou either.



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