Jan. 12th, 2012

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Alright.. so! I thought I might actually give this a shot to get my two characters into more action! So.. whose up for plotting with vampires?

On one end of the spectrum we have Rip.. who likes to go around shooting things. Seriously, She loves to hunt. And Opera. Go figure. I'm up for random run ins, maybe a shooting competition? She's rumored to be one of the best shots in Millennium.

Then we have Victoria. For her, I would like to see more social/political things happen.  She's over 500 years old so... yeah. A prim and proper lady, prefers to keep her monsters in the closet. Unless you piss her off of course.  In any case, she's re-adjusting to the social and political climates after being asleep for over 169 years....  And actually has a title, technically anyway of Baroness. Not.. that she ever uses it.

Oh! And she has a talking cat... and creates warped monster creatures in her free time. That she uses for her protection.. and creates art out of the bones of her victims *cough*. Did I mention she also considers humans to be cattle and vampires younger than her to be useless?

Basically... I'm up for anything to be thrown at these two. Ideas please!
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Plot Name: Zodiac Stones
Plot description: Delacroix is going to work to acquire some Zodiac Stones through generally underhanded means, but will end in his death. General event flow is:
-The Major and Indiana Jones square off for the Scorpio Zodiac stone, with the Major eventually recovering it and bringing it to Delacroix
-Wayne Enterprises discovering the Taurus Zodiac stone, likely in some ruins.
-Delacroix sends someone, ideally some mercs, after them to steal the stone. Hostage-taking may or may not ensue.
-Through sheer force or perhaps trickery or perhaps the mercenaries being informed of their boss's evil and changing sides, Wayne holds on to the Zodiac stone.
-A group of do-gooders confront Delacroix at the Cathedral and he activates the stone but they bring him down.
-Potentially some heretic accusations get thrown around after Delacroix is killed, we shall see.
Characters Involved: Delacroix, Indiana Jones, Bruce Wayne/Batman, The Major and Millenium
Needed Characters: A mercenary band willing to either do some underhanded things or be tricked into underhanded things would be nice!
Other: These are only 2 of the 13 (one secret) Zodiac Stones, so I'm cool with people using them for other things later.



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