Jan. 15th, 2012

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Behold, ye lesser beings, Farseer Idranel of Ulthwe the Damned, from the delightfully grimdark Warhammer 40,000.

She died hundreds of years ago, but will be coming back as Heroic Servant Lancer in our bizarre Grail War AU. What I need is a master for her, someone who you think would work well with an fey lord that, while not actually EVIL, considers the death of every human being on the planet an acceptable price to pay for saving her own people. She also has mighty psychic powers, runic magic, and a bigass spear.

Anyone interested?
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Hi everyone. Just wanted to throw up a plotting post before I started to do any posting just to get a general idea of where I might start at and some general CR since this is AU and all.

If you'd like to interact or just try and build up some history with Ed, comment and we can work that out! I imagine, since he's in the military that he might know some of the military peoples here that aren't in canon ..at least by name. Some he might of met?

So yeah! Let's plot away.
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See that face? That totally innocent and definitely trustworthy face? That's Agahnim, who totally has nothing to do with any Holy Grail Wars or Dark Lords or any heavy shit like that. He's just a humble wandering mage who wants to drop some cool magic in a convenient situation and impress his way into your court. That's right, YOURS, some kingdom leader who wants a couple of dark wizards to mooch off him or her for a base of operations. They sincerely might not even be planning to kill you, at the moment.

Somewhat relatedly, Ganondorf has something of a reputation for being the guy pulling the strings when evil shit is afoot. If you have any plots at all that require a sinister puppetmaster, consider this an open invitation to hit me up.


Jan. 15th, 2012 11:45 pm
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Hey, guys!

If you'd like any CR with Levin, please don't hesitate to talk to me!  If there's anything that might ping you, he's an accomplished mage who fights with the power of the wind, he's the actual heir to the throne of the Nameless States, and he's a bard and musician of some repute.  He's also fond of drinking and pretty girls.

The real reason I'm making an entry here is because of his role as a bard.  It's not really a plot, but.  If there's ever any plot-related old legends or stories about the world that you'd like to get out into the world IC, and your character wouldn't discuss it or wouldn't know about it, feel free to ask me and I'll have Levin compose an epic ballad about it and make a completely undesired performance to the whole world.

And finally, since he's been traveling around the world quite a lot before he got his crystal, I'm open to having previous relationships with anyone else!



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