Jan. 16th, 2012

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Well, well, it was high time I got this up.

Alright, so in time just around Delacroix's death, the forces of darkness will be on the move. The Rift-controlled powers will soon begin to establish their own Kingdom in Dagaria called Tokoyami. I'm hoping to introduce a new province that won't be accessible by any means for a while called Oni Island where they'll use as their capitol.

The leader of Tokoyami will be Ninetails, a minion of the "Golden Serpent" in legends that assassinated Empress Himiko long ago before the Church gained influence. By this point, they'll be a little more organized. A while after Tokoyami is established, the then Pope, Rao, will be killed and replaced with Ninetails until she's found out.

Tokoyami's long-term goal is more or less to promote the decay of the Empire and further the goals of the Emperor of Everlasting Darkness, but they'll largely be around to just start up a lot of shit.

What I'm hoping to get is a sufficient amount of Chaotic/Lawful Evil types to align themselves with Tokoyami to get it established as its own kingdom. Naturally, I don't expect that everybody who joins will have utmost loyalty to Ninetails. They're free to try and take the throne as much as they would like to. I suppose they just have to be evil or have a strong connection to the Rift.

Hopefully, if all goes well, we can start a full-on war against Tokoyami as a prelude to greater conflicts to come.

By the by, this will be their flag, courtesy of Shini:


So, any takers? Thoughts?



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