Jan. 17th, 2012

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Right, Eq here, and since I'll probably laze around like an ass if I don't post this, here I am!

Currently I'm thinking up of doing two/three logs in order to get my groove back, and here are my ideas:

Pawn B-2 to B-4
What is it about? Basically Lelouch is actually getting off his high-horse and plays his first move by stealing some Artifact in Sawa.
Who will be involved? Obviously any person guarding the artifacts in Sawa, this meant the officials, as well as a certain sickly student called Kallen.
No. of Characters: 3-4

Fetch Quest
What is it about? There is currently a shortage of metal ores in Britain, and Shirou is actually setting off to find some for himself. Of course, what's with the monsters and all, he's going to need some help.
Who will be involved? Any Samaritans willing to help a blacksmith.
No. of Characters: 2-3

Ah, Brotherly Love!
What is it about? Its Ragna. And Jin. Fighting each other on broad daylight. In (Insert Major City Here). What do?
Who will be involved? ANYONE.
No. of characters: 2-5

If you're interested and/or willing to join, feel free to tag in the respective threads in this post!
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Hey guys, Kiyuu here. I've just put in a reserve for Saber here. The Fate/Extra one. Her true name, as well as the identity she will be assuming in this game, is Emperor Nero. Yes, the Roman one. She's also going to be Arturia's Weird Cousin!

But I'm not here looking for CR! Or well. I am. I guess. But that's not supposed to be the point of this post.

I'm looking for any unaligned/to-be-apped-and-undetermined characters who'd like to join Nero's kingdom, so I can get the required amount of people to start it up. The Kingdom? Rome, of course! More or less the same as the Rome we already know, but I still have to work out the details. This is just a call to see who's interested.

So! Any takers?



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