Feb. 12th, 2012

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Alright, folks, we need only one more Servant to add to the mix, but sadly enough, we don't have any evil people left. That is why I'm willing to throw in this guy as Rider. He's Luca Blight, the main villain of Suikoden II, and a former King of Highland, now a province within the Nameless States.

Consumed with rage after witnessing his mother raped and turned mad and his incompetent father do very little in response, Luca basically waged war against the entire Empire with his ambitions starting in the States. As Rider, he'll be able to take command of the Beast Rune, giving him control over the Noble Phantasm that once ravaged Dagaria: the Beast Rune.

It lets him sacrifice lives to it and in return, he can summon several giant, golden wolves as well as use the full, animalistic power behind it. Luca also has power over a fire-based Rune to support his considerable skills as a swordsman. In his own words, it took a hundred men to kill him. ... They didn't fight him all at once, of course, but it took team after team to finally corner him. In other words, he's a powerhouse.

His goal is more or less the same: to destroy the Nameless States and Dagaria. Chances are, he'll maybe play the role of Gilgamesh or at least, something close to in this Holy Grail War. So, does anybody want to be his Master?



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