Feb. 20th, 2012

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Okay, kids, let's get this finalized. I'm hoping to get the log up by Saturday or Sunday of this week or the next. The Major will naturally make an announcement of it, inviting specific people over which would... generally consist of fellow Amestrians. Depending on whether Integra may not invite the people she knows, though... you know, to protect them... the Major will invite them over too.

The first part of the log will have everyone just kinda chilling with each other, eating, and doing whatever.

The second part of the log will have the Major and Integra walking down the aisle and as Delacroix speaks, maybe a little after, Alucard will burst in... rescuing Integra and knocking everyone who tries to stop them out of the way. By then, a big struggle would probably start between Millennium and the Church against Alucard and Integra.

Neither side will escape with any scratches, granted, and to be honest, it might be fun having Millennium and the Church openly team up with each other like this. The escape ends once Alucard reaches the exit and from then on, the Hellsing family would have officially left the Church. They... will probably need sanctuary somewhere, ideally in their home country of Britain.

At any rate, it'll be a bloody bash with lots of food and surprises, but no marriage. Does anybody have any issue with the date or would they like to have their characters do something? I'm good for anything!
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Hokay, here's the skinny.

Over the next several days there will be Subtle Manouvering Of Things Into Place. People are apparently building things in abandoned buildings. What ARE they making in there, with all those lights and sparks and things?

Well, we will find out soon enough, some time after the wedding fracas. Unless Shen can find some tactical advantage to crashing the wedding, he will really appear to have been laying low recently, maybe attacking a few exceedingly random convoys.

Are the attacks on outlying Churches associated with him? Maybe. Maybe not.

And who are all these folks in robes and bandages and whatnot who are recently showing up in Imperial City? Deep Ones? Your guess is as good as any.



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