Feb. 21st, 2012

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So, with the dropping of Lelouche Lamperouge, Kallen no longer has Zero to rely upon. I'm plotting this as Lelouche having been forced to lay low for some unspecified reason... But without him, things are going to go bad for the Black Knights, and fast.

My idea is that Kallen's going to be outed in her combatant role in the middle of a job, attempt to flee, and end up under someone else's hire - quite possibly against her will, or with her will being somehow subverted.

Keep in mind, Kallen will not be easy to kidnap - she can, will, and does spam teleportation techniques, and is a strong melee combatant. A good trap or a better warrior will be needed to catch her.

That said... Once you get her on your side, Kallen could be very, very useful to have around.

So, which faction(s) would be interested in getting an agent like her?
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Hey everyone, Alex here. Just here to state an idea that I've been thinking over. Basically, Mitchell wants to grow his rather small Mercenary group into a larger fighting force. As well as become more recognized among the nations and factions.

So, how does he want to go about doing this? Why, by building his own, mercenary faction of course! The faction itself is meant to be based directly on the East India Trading co. Whom I have based his regimental flag on. However, before I go about implementing this idea, I was wanting to hear any thoughts or ideas on it first.
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I have two plots with Garviel to introduce, one shorter term, which is the Crusade Company in Amestris and Zeon, fighting riftspawn, and one longer term, which is the re-founding of the Grey Knights.

The Grey knights are a secret order of warriors, previously all Astartes (who are all dead unless someone apps one). They are loyal to the Emperor, or rather, the throne and the defense of humanity that it represents. They plunge into hidden lore, find the best ways to deal with Daemons, and then stomp 'em hardcore. They are intended to remain secret, and hopefully will even be somewhat a secret from Garviel's country of Rome, since even Medea and Nero don't know his full backstory from the point where he was summoned. They all think he died after he disappeared from the history books.

As for the riftspawn fighting, Garviel is bringing his Crusade Company with Revan, and probably several other units of soldiers to train with the riftguard countries. Who would like to volunteer commanders and troops for training? Who would like to volunteer to animate undead and riftspawn for them to fight?

Let me know in here so I can set things up for this weekend or more probably next given the wedding stuff.

Also let me know if you want to have character join/thwart the grey knights. Remember they are a secular order and will stand outside both church and official imperial hierarchy.

And both Garviel and myself are fully aware of one of the more honest and honorable men around having to be the founder of a secret society.



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