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Feb. 28th, 2012 02:42 pm
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Just generally posting to say that if you want to be part of the badass maritime Rift-and-Nazi-fighting badasses, now's a good time to join Zeon! If you want to have your kingdom temporarily taken over by Avshar in a little bit and get started on this whole war business, now is also a good time to join Zeon!

...yeah this is really just me begging for members 'cause I want to fight Amestris starting in probably a month or three if I'm gauging the pace of the game right. Also I'm technically one member short of being able to officially support three provinces now, and Lerrian needs a new governor. Thanks, Avshar.

Also Zeon combatants - if you have time, want to go fight someone? I need to keep Char in shape.
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At present, Millennium is a faction of Amestris, but I feel like that their influence can spread pretty far and wide. A lot of the soldiers in other kingdoms know about them. They detest them, really, but of course, there are those old soldiers who want a permanent place to stay. A place that has been difficult for them to find as of lately what with the Emperor's policies.

But in time, Millennium will branch off of Amestris and become its own mercenary group. Once the Emperor dies, Millennium will start a "coup" against Bradley, fail overall, but not without causing lots of damage, and start working for hire. Of course, the Major's loyalty will truly stay with Bradley. This is all a plan to allow Bradley to commit the worst of atrocities with the Major without the blame.

So then. We need more members for Millennium for that to happen. I was wondering who might be interested in siding with a force that believes in their fanatical, militaristic philosophies.



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