Mar. 2nd, 2012

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Herro, everyone. I have reserved Elizabeth Midford from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what faction, if she should even be in one, of course, you think she should be apart of? She's going to be in the kingdom of Britain, naturally, but I honestly don't know if I want to put her in a faction.

Ideas? Comments? SUGGESTIOOONS? :D Throw 'em my way! Also, I'd love to start gathering plot ideas and CR for her!
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Greetings. I am a bizarre stranger unfamiliar to every single person here, so I'll introduce myself: I am Hustino. Now, to the point.

I have recently reserved Her Imperious Condescension from that webseries thing called Homestuck. She is an ancient and vicious empress ruling over a race of bloodthirsty aliens with the power to gift extended life to those she touches and believes in 'survival of the fittest' above all else.


I am interested in creating an kingdom based upon the Alternian Empire of Homestuck.

Would anyone be interested in a new kingdom populated and ruled by bizarre non-humans? Anyone familiar with Homestuck willing to app Trolls to add to her kingdom? Anyone who simply has characters or would app characters that are simply BLOODTHIRSTY BADASSES and would be welcomed into their society?

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So two of my characters are going to die. This is an immutable fact that I am stating for the record. I have three characters I'm considering for filling out my roster again, with the current plan of apping one of them, MAYBE two. We'll see. So lets just test out general interest here.

1: Gaius Phillipus. Roman Senior Centurion who has been a soldier for over half his life and is in his fifties. Hates politics, sees fighting as a business, contemptuous of people who fight for glory or honor. Superb soldier, specializes in command of heavy infantry, seige warfare, and breaking in new troops. Ideally he'd be the right hand man of someone else in the army.

2: Nepos. Religious Monk and Mage. Nepos teaches at the academy of sorcery in whatever country he goes to, teaching a brand of holy magic that is basically the good version of the magic that Avshar does (though he's no where near as powerful.). He is generally bubbly and happy, but given to bouts of gloom and modesty.

3: Duo Maxwell. Spy working against Zeon. After some very influential men found out about Char's plans to overthrow and destroy the empire, they sent some highly skilled youths out into Dagaria at large to sabotage Char's undercover men, granting each of them a specially designed magic weapon to help them. Duo's is a magic scythe that turns him invisible. He's generally happy-go-lucky, and also kind of morbid.

What do you think? Please don't reply OMG DUO I KNOW THAT CHARACTER UNLIKE THE OTHER TWO SO YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY APP HIM. I'm looking for what kind of plots that I could get started and what kind of awesome CR I could get.



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