Mar. 3rd, 2012

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Though it's a special hat.

A future character idea of mine is Temeraire, from the…well, Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. He’s a dragon! …though not a very powerful one yet, since he’s at most five years old. (and probably younger since I’ll most likely set his canon point within the earlier books).

The main thing is that Novik’s dragons generally don’t have a single rider, but an entire crew, much like a ship. There is still a captain and they tend to be closely bonded to the dragon—but it’s an emotional attachment only; no imprinting/telepathy business. In Temeraire’s case, his captain Laurence was the main reason for his personality coming out the way it did; Laurence read books to him frequently--all kinds of them--encouraged Temeraire's curiosity and more inadvertently caused him to become a vocal independent thinker.

Would anyone be interested in being Substitute Laurence? Temeraire will most likely end up in the Imperial Guard and events don't have to happen exactly in the way they do in the books--just the basic gist would be fine.

Positions in his crew roster are also perfectly feasible if you’d rather go for those (first lieutenant, midwingmen, topmen, bellmen and all the harness ground crew and etc HE'S A BIG BOY), but while I can NPC most of those, I can’t do that with his captain.

Anyone interested?

ETA: It looks like Temeraire is going to be with Kushana's forces for now, but he still needs crewmembers!
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Much apologies for the slowness for this muse. I have been busying apping for not one but two characters. For now, this is the discussion as to what Frollo is going to do because I keep losing track of things! So I just write this down with some notes. The events that I listed out before you did not happen yet, so if there is some changes or corrections of events timewise, feel free to correct me.

(Mid-March 14 to April 7th) Before & during Spring Court
Okay, so according the calender, Spring Court will last Saturday, March 24th and will last for two weeks ending on Saturday, April 7th. This is already happened a few weeks before Spring Court in which there are already quite a number of wanted ads of Lord Shen's mug face and he's wanted for the attacks on the outlying Churches and destroy and stealing their Relics at pretty much the same time that the main Church is under attack. He is wanted for assault and murder on Church members, trespassing, and theft.

Optional quest: There would be also rewards in the capture of Shen's men and his staff. They are wanted for the information and whereabouts of their leader. If you want to make this interesting, I may capture one of the beastmen or allies or NPCs serving Shen and there will be a hellish torture and interrogation session involved in Prison! I may torture the prisoner to death or if I left the person alive, there would be a rescue mission involved. It's up to you!

I would like to know if there is any anti-Church enemies that Frollo should keeps his tabs on?

During Spring Court, there will be an increase of security with the Church's soldiers on the look-out for the criminals involved. However, since the festival is very crowded, the Church soldier's will be very distracted in keeping crowd control. Your character should have no problem putting on many disguises and blending in with the crowd.

Therefore, nobody is going to get captured or arrested during Spring Court. The ideal is to irritate Frollo into a barrage of headaches and migraines, because he can't capture nobody!

Frollo will be attending the tournament as one of the judges.

(After Spring Court ended, throughout April) During and after the Major's Wedding
I figured this is after the events that transpired above. Frollo will be attending the wedding and will be shocked to discover that Integra has harbored her vampire, Alucard, while working for the Church for so long! Such treachery! He will witnessed the chaos and survived the bloodbath at the wedding. He'll conclude that Integra is dabbled in the dark arts.

Now, I have a plan for Frollo to be severely wounded from the battle as the result from the bullets that will fly. It doesn't matter who shots it, he'll assume it would be Alucard. He has a tarot card "Judgement". It would be activated when a killing blow was be struck, turning it aside and leaving the wielder severely wounded but alive.

Therefore, Frollo will be in the hospital, healing from his injuries. He is still such a dick, even severely wounded and resting in the hospital. Once he woke up from his surgeries, he will legally revoked Integra's station and role with the Church, thereby removing her membership. Also, he will put up wanted ads for both Integra and Alucard (with inaccurate mug shots, because Alucard's face keeps shifting and changing during his Level 1 state) for the murders involved at the wedding, lying, dabbling in dark arts, and so forth.

Since Integra will be moving to Britain for her safety, she would be a wanted fugitive with the Church soldiers across the states on her route. Those soldiers will be on the look-out to arrest her on the spot. Therefore, Integra and her vampire will have a difficult time getting to her destination safely without getting caught.

And thus, with Frollo in the hospital, he'll be resting and be out of commission for a while until he feels better, healed from his wounds, and recovered.



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