Mar. 5th, 2012

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No doubt Dagarians have noticed Millennium agents from across the empire take on the duty of actively arresting/executing wanted criminals. I should explain the Major's reasoning behind this plan. It's a bit of a Xanatos Gambit (if I'm using the term correctly) that has several aims, all just as adequate. The first goal is to, yes, round up criminals wanted by the states. This was the Major's order... not that he didn't expect his men to show a little more devotion than warranted. Wanted criminals have been killed left and right and he gets to dick around with innocents. Job well done.

The Major's actions have caught national awareness, however. For the next several few days, kingdom leaders and notable politicians have witnessed and called out the Major on this... who is promptly denying his involvement beyond Amestris. Tensions are rising and the Major is receiving a lot of flak. Crime fighters like Batman and resistance groups like Shen's have also started to actively take out Millennium men, resulting in the Major losing men.

Ah, but this is what he wants. To lure out different enemies, gather intelligence on resources he can take advantage of, and set himself and his actions up on the national stage. See, there are NPCs, mostly noblemen distant from being directly affected by this issue, who support what's going on. Because, after all, criminals are being taken down. Results are evident. Their interests have largely been preserved. It's probably safe to mention that Millennium has a lot of backers in high places across Dagaria, not just Amestris. Not to mention it prompted Integra to unleash Alucard with his Level-One restriction unlocked. No doubt people have noticed this too, that Millennium soldiers are being much more brutally killed left and right, surpassing what they were capable of.

By the time the wedding kicks off, he'll wed Integra and gain access to the Hellsing's property and influence. Pretty nice! But.. it would be even better when Alucard strikes again, ruining the festivities. When the wedding will be placed on a wider national stage thanks to the fiasco that just happened right now. People will know of Alucard and the threat he poses, leading Millennium to gain even more of a backing when they propose that they have the means to deal with him.

All of this has a purpose: to make the Millennium seem like both the threat and the solution. For Bradley's sake, he's centering himself as the one responsible for much of Amestris' ilk. When he "defects", this will allow him to paint Amestris in a better light by the time the competition for the throne comes about. AND he'll have enough financial backing to last himself several years to wage his glorious war against Alucard. AND both Alucard and Millennium will seem like such threats that we'll have different sides involving themselves in the struggle, furthering the sake of the Major's war.

... And this is all I've got planned out for now concerning the Major. This should last till the end of Act One, though. Just wanted to get this out there and let people know what I've got planned. Again, I'd like more supporters, enemies, and more members for Millennium. So, thoughts, concerns..? I'm free to edit some of this.
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Zeon has the province of Lerrian (top-right forest province on the map, established cities Ringford and Alilany) under its official dominion. However, with Rome getting established between there and the coast and the "rightful ruler" Alte-Rose perma-dead, there is really no point in the Seaside Riftguard continuing to control it. Britain and Rome border Lerrian, and the Luna's Call faction is currently in de facto control, in my estimation. Do any of you three kingdoms want to work something out? In the meantime, does anyone want to fight the Zeon armies "peacekeeping" in the area around Ringford?

Also, since the Kingdom province list seems to be out of date: does any kingdom control Chaodan yet? If not, can I have it? Plz? If not I guess I'll claim some mountains or save it for Imperial Saga II: Colonization. Alternatively, I can keep Lerrian and work out a trade deal through Britain or Rome I guess.

EDIT: Dibbing Chaodan as New Third Province once negotiations with Luna's Call and the Saberstates work out.

Finally, Sawa, Rome popping into existence kind of resulted in Sara and Mitsunari's wedding negotiations becoming moot. This needs to be addressed before those two failures loveable kids get together.



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