Mar. 9th, 2012

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So back in his canon, Nijuu Mensou, the gentleman thief and Chizuko's adopted father, worked for the Japanese military during WW2, developing superweapons, including human ones. Here in IS, he did the same thing for the Amestrian military before burning his lab to become Nijuu Mensou.

Some of those superweapons still exist, and no doubt the various factions would like to get their hands on them, if they knew about them. If anyone wants to pursue these superweapons, or even be a product of his research, let me know. It's not public knowledge IC, but it can be found out with some research or if you have connections, and since Nijuu Mensou is apparently dead and it's pretty obvious Chizuko was not the innocent kidnap victim she claims to be, she's one of the main ways to go after them.

The Hero

Mar. 9th, 2012 09:10 pm
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One of Gaming's Best Heroes is here...or might be coming. I'm not sure if I can sustain enough activity for three characters, and making Link's app will take up a bit of time too, but I'd like to go along with this someday.

So, we have Link, a boy of humble upbringings (most of the time?). He doesn't seem special until he is swept into danger by the forces of evil. In every incarnation, a lot of faith is placed into Link to save people, go through various dungeons, and fight darkness.

I could use some ideas for integration, and maybe a good friend or two. A mentor? You know you wanna be friends with Link, YES YOU DO! Or a rival?

Someone or something has to lure him into becoming useful/important ^_^;

Here are the current few ideas that I have:

Hylian: The entire population of the game series's settings, most of them aside from Kokiri, seem to look at Link as a common person (human), or am I wrong? Canonically, Hylian seems to be just "human" with a unique ancestry right? What should I do? Also, where should Link live?

Should Hyrule be a Kingdom over the sea?

Green clothes symbolize a hero among Link's family and friends because of the ever familiar legend about the Hero of Time vs the Thief King (GANONNNNNN!). Members of his family may be Imperial knights. If we see this as Windwaker, they could've crossed the sea to spread peace and fight the Rift?

Since there are lot of mentions of spirits on LOZ, I thought of getting Link to intervene with the Holy Grail War so that no one can use it for the wrong reasons. So I had to read...because I'm ignorant with Type Moon/Fate stuff ;_;

What I clearly understand from Let's Plays Thanks Prof is that Servants are heroic spirits with identities based on popular people from folktale, myth, IRL, etc. However, apparently the Grail is corrupted? And from it, more evil servants appear. Looks like the best plan is to get rid of it. Would it be wrong for non-servants to fight Servants? What if he had a Master Sword-equivalent weapon to help him do that?

Another idea is Anti-pirate forces, which occasional fights evil forces such as dark servants.

I can't figure out how to obtain the Triforce of Courage relic. Might be an IC quest.

Since Link has many heroic titles (ie: Hero of Time, Hero of Wind, Chosen Hero, etc), maybe he can adopt the powers of a Servant or is one himself?

Yes, he's going to talk ^^; And he can carry a bunch of items which I'm still deciding over. Of course, the bow, sword, hookshot and boomerang?

- Skyward Sword's red Loftwing or just Epona. Maybe Epona.
- A boat or a train?

Throw all your LoZ Geekiness and ideas, and criticisms at me.



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