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Hello everyone! My name is Ruki, I'm complete fresh meat so fresh I'm not even on the market of this place yet, but I do have in mind to app this girl here very soon to Imperial Saga! To the TYPE-MOON savvy people, this is indeed Touko Aozaki from Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners. I'd normally just run with the punches, but there are two ideas I had with her, which is why I'm posting here to see if they can gather interest and get off the ground. That said!

1. An investigation agency
Back home Touko ran a small paranormal detective agency called "Garan no Dou". She would get requests from a clientele that would ask her to investigate supernatural things, and more often than not, remove the source to stop it from existing. Admittedly a "kill the problem" approach is less workable in RP, so I thought to just knock it down to an investigation agency where a client would ask her to look into something and she will provide information. Like finding a missing object/person, gather data on something, and so on. ICly it could be handled with all 3 parties coming in agreement with what sort of info the agency would successfully unearth on a job, which should be of some worth because the agency is an efficient and competent one. It is however going to be a hidden one, so a character ICly needs to find out about its existence first.

That said, I'm wondering about two things. Would people A) be interested to have a "service" like that in-game and see future plotting potential with it on an OOC level, and B)have characters ICly that would be interested, to make use of it or more importantly, join it? Back home it was just Touko, her errand boy coffee maker secretary Mikiya who helps investigation and Shiki, who did... the physical work/AKA "killing". There is a risk factor investigating dangerous matters, so people who can handle themselves on the field would be needed too. But as Shiki and Mikiya already prove, we can both have a completely normal guy and a chick who claims capable of killing god in the same setting. So yes! Thoughts?

2. An oddities shop
Also known as that one NPC store you find yourself constantly running back to in RPGs to look for better magical trinkets/accessories to gear up your character and boost their stats. Touko is canonly an excellent craftress who makes things unlike her younger sister Aoko who's only capable of destroying things, she can craft prosthetic limbs superior to ordinary human ones capable of withstanding extreme pressure and grab spirits - this goes so far as to completely copy down another person's whole body to the last detail, making an exact clone of artificial flesh that's impossible to distinguish from the original. People familiar with "Tsukihime" would also recall that Touko is the one who made the glasses that nullify the Mystic Eyes of Death perception. Giving "Fate/Extra" a nod, Touko supervises the Chapel over Soul Alterations to raise the stats of a Servant through spirit hacking their link with their Master, underlining once again her aptitude in manipulating, adding, and reinforcing magical properties on things.

IN LIGHT OF THAT I toyed around with the idea of opening a small store. I gave the example of your NPC magical accessory slot shop, but it could also have functions like the Antique shop in Persona 3 where you fuse a Persona into a weapon to strengthen it and give it extra properties - so in short, general tampering with items/magical artifacts to enhance them. What she sells won't be ground-breaking, it'll be the same sort of small things that gives you a +3 to STR or +200 to SP, but I think it's neat and maybe could make a small difference.

So again going back to above; would people be interested in seeing something open in the realms of Imperial Saga? Characters who would frequent it, be willing to work there, whether as store clerk or another craftsman/woman. The latter could also take on other creative jobs, Touko's overseen art gallery displays and has been hired as an architect in the past. The shop can be used to seek out freelancer craftsmen in general, but on the surface it's a miscellaneous magical accessories shop - which might or might not use a cafe or antique shop as a cover depending, haha.

...An oh boy that was way too much text for a short run-down, sorry o\;; But um yes! I'm going to app her hoping to be able to start these two businesses, so to speak. Would anyone be curious to plot with/around that to make it happen, possibly? ...Oh and as a side note, the "HQ" of these two places will likely be located in Sawa. I'll still app her a a magus on the run, so she'd want to avoid "Europe" as much as possible - plus Sawa is Eastern and KnK does take place in Japan, aha. It'll also remain neutral&independent and purely operate on a business level, meaning morally good and bad guys should both be able to frequent and request services. But these are details that can be hammered out later, so for the time being, I'm just throwing more ideas out and around.

Thank you for your time and interest! Quietly rolls self out with her TL;DR...

(Also Ryougi here is a Servant when did that happen--!)
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Yo and hello, possible future gamemates! Like the title says, I am a potential new player that goes by the name of Shanin and looking to app Paddra Nsu-Yeul here from that recent Final Fantasy game called XIII-2.

Now Yeul is all sorts of confusing, as is everything in the game, and since I'm not sure how many have played the game, I'll try to keep any and all major and potential spoilers to a minimum. (And if anything is spoilerish for you all, please let me know and I'll get to fixing it!)

Yeul is a Seeress who pretty much reincarnates into another time each time she dies, as long as there's still living humans in that timeline. (Every Yeul dies at or around her 15th birthday, thus they never live long thanks to the visions taking a toll on their body.) Also with being such, she is usually paired up with a Guardian (though XIII-2, being the confusing game it is, mentions both Caius Ballad and possibly Noel being such -in Noel's case, it was more he was working to be one but was also conflicted since to be one, the previous had to be killed-) who both protects and receives Yeul's visions.

Since there's no Caius present in game, and NPCing him definitely wouldn't be as fun as actually having him around, I was wondering if there would be anyone who wouldn't mind taking the spot until one (Caius) shows up/is apped?

And since I've been suggested for her to possibly join The Nameless States, it definitely would be a bit more easier for those interested to be from the same area/kingdom.
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Hello ~ Rosa again bringing in my 4th character. It's about time I finally introduce this guy. Please welcome Smithy from the SNES game, Super Mario Bros. RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He will be your villain throughout the game, so therefore, I would have fun being your advesary.

Without revealing much, you can read his app to get the idea of what I have store for the RP, but I will give you the abridged version:

Smithy has his own factories and warehouses that are spread across the Kingdoms. It wasn't many, if you're wondering. They were placed in strategetic locations basing on which kingdom will bring in the most financial revenue or which kingdom is most likely the most easiest to conquer or which kingdom have the most criminals that will serve Smithy's evil purposes in whatever form it maybe.

Some of those factories and warehouses may look like toy and confectionary factories on the outside, but in truth, they are decoys and cleverly disguised military bases. However, there is always one Home factory and one Home airship that will serve as his major HQ where Smithy will make his sole home and creations. Deep within his special home factory and airship, he creates monstrous golems of his own creations using his own magical power and determination.

When I use the world golem for this character, it's just another word to describe as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator.

Being that we're nearing the end of act I, your character will not know of the factories and warehouses yet. You're not even close to meeting him or his minions or even learn of his true intentions for the world, which is creating his own army in order to bring out his malicious dream of transforming the world into a world occupied with his golems and weapons. At least, not yet until approximately late into act 2 or 3.

In act I, there will be a new line of toy stores and confectionary labeled under the brand known as "Smithy and Co.". Those stores will be celebrating a grand opening in selected cities and kingdoms. Some of the stores will be giving out free candy and chocolate (safe for eating!) and selling limited-edition action toy figures basing on the bosses that appeared in the game's canon who serve as Smithy's Gang. Those bosses in this AU will also be the NPC lieutants that help run behind the scenes and you won't met them yet.

The limited edition actions figures for sale will be:

  • Bowyer
  • Mack
  • Yaridovich
  • Boomer - Red and blue
  • The Axem Rangers - all colors
  • Exor (not a real sword, it's only a 6 inch plastic blade)
  • Count-down and Ding-a-Ling (and it's a working clock by the way)
  • Cloaker, Domino, Earth Link

    I hope I don't spoil too much, but I tried to explain much details as I can for an obscure character. I wanted to be clear in my ideals and players can respond appropriately without confusion. So any questions? Thoughts? Critique? I'm always open for PM too. I plan to post an introductory post of the grand opening of those stores, and that's that. Nothing and nobody major is going to be effected here.
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