Mar. 11th, 2012

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Greetings, good folk of Imperial Saga - name's Wingus (Hello to at least a few people I know already!), and I'm currently thinking about bringing this jerk to your rather interesting game: Xellos, from Slayers. Now, the rest of this will have some spoilers on Xellos' canon background - granted, it's a canon that's been around for a good long time, but warning just in case.


I'm still reading up on setting stuff, but I thought I should toss an entry out here - mostly because there's two big things about Xellos.

One, Xellos is a schemer, a troll, and if it serves his purposes, a backstabbing son of a bitch. He'd be the type to seem like he's working for Group A, but then it turns out he was with Group B, and then you eventually find out he was actually working for Group C all along to wreck both groups, and he'll do it with a smile. So, looking at things, he would be an Intelligence Operative for whoever his big boss is, and either spy for one of the others, or pass himself off as a Courtier. I also imagine that he'd be more active and less passive now, depending on his big boss' goal, with the appearance of Caster being out and about, which brings me to my second thing...

Two, in-canon, Xellos is a member of the Mazoku, or Monster Race, or demons - whichever translation you prefer to use. Nasty creatures that live on the Astral Plane and project forms onto the physical plane to interact and cause chaos among the regular people. Their goal is destruction of all that lives - and one of Xellos' goals was to follow Lina around, and keep her protected from some rogue Mazoku so that his current master's plans could come to fruition. He's also very old - 1000+ years, and would know Lina from when she was originally alive.

So the thing here is wondering what would make him playable here - Lina's app has the Mazoku replaced with higher-functioning beings from the Rift. Reading on the player plot page, that states that such Rift beings are generally limited to mod playing unless permission is given. So, for the modfolk, should Xellos be a being from the Rift? Or perhaps from Hell or the Netherworld? I'm pretty flexible, I just need a little guidance on which way I should bend.

So the tl;dr version - needing some factions or kingdoms that he can be working for to eventually double-cross save for his true alliance, and what kind of creature he should be for this setting.
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Firstly, I'll direct you to Arro's permission post.

Secondly, as I mentioned in chat, Arro will be at the games. Whether he fights or not is another matter, but, I need everyone's permission anyway.

In the case he's not actively fighting, I'd say he has to view a skill or ability in the range of 7-14 times to learn it since that's fairer.

As for what he can learn, there's no limits, permission permitting. If it's a spell, he'll know how to do it, but he'll need to find the incantation and the like, and the same for other similar skills that must have spoken commands accompanying.

As for plots, I am open for them. Arro doesn't have anything going on other than going to games to learn everything he can, and perhaps flirting around the White Halls.

For Sync... He doens't have anything going on either unless he's getting dragged to Rome to sort out heathens, he'll be at the White Halls in disguise from his normal mask. All Clark Kent had to do was take off his glasses, so I'm expecting him to not be caught.

Red? Well he's going back home to steal something. Then he's going back home again shortly after for... Well, bad things happen. Anything anyone wants to do with the little summoner in the mean time?



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