Mar. 13th, 2012

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a lot.

Anyway, hello, there, it's AOB again bringing you... another possible muse! Apparently, I'm on a T-M binging spree, so here's the villain from the Melty Blood series, TATARI, or Night of Wallachia. Basically, Wallachia is one of the Dead Apostle Ancestors, the aristocratic elite of vampires. They're all exceptionally powerful for having lived so long.

Night of Wallachia is special for being a phenomenon than an actual entity. He's a living curse that allows fears to manifest themselves into reality. A condition for this effect to take place at a wide scale is for unfounded rumors to be sufficiently spread. If there aren't any rumors in place, then he's still free to start them in his human form. In the T-Mverse, he's responsible for Vlad Tepes' fictional vilification as a vampire.

His real identity is a man by the name of Zepia Eltnam Oberon, a talented alchemist who wanted to prevent the end of the world.

I was thinking that Zepia attained his vampire state through means of the Rift during his time in Atlas. His current alliance might be with Team Evil or at least, it's definitely where one of his incarnations would be aligned with. ... heh, someone suggested he be responsible for the Monster in the Dark. His focus will be his research into the Sixth, the universal law that would bring about destruction, but that could be replaced for anything else for the sake of AU.

Meanwhile, he'll be creating to life different fears hidden inside people like... for example, a truly murderous Batman, the resurrection of Avshar once he does... frightening things. Otherwise, in his Zepia form, he'll be a wandering researcher, indulging himself in just about anything he can find. He seems to have a taste for drama. ... I figure our resident Alucard might have a bone to pick with him. The more secretive sects Church will definitely have Wallachia and the other Ancestors on their danger list. But yes, anybody else have ideas that could be used for him?



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