Mar. 21st, 2012

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Okay, I felt this is necessary along with her permissions post which is here. ...If you haven't filled it out, please do and actually answer the questions. They serve the purpose to gauge how I will have Victoria will react/respond/anything else to your character and your own comfort levels.

Basically, this... is a DISCLAIMER.  [AKA: Vampire the Masquerade does not have cute fluffy bunnies and rainbows.]

Something I felt was really necessary because Victoria's canon isn't really well known outside of anyone that's played a White Wolf tabletop or a White Wolf Vampire the Masquerades Larp.

Victoria is a vampire [which is obvious.] HOWEVER, she is from the Clan Tzimisce... Think of them this way. Take the most disturbing serial killer you can think of and kick whatever they've done up to 13. Now give that killer the ability to warp flesh and bone into any perverse shape/ reasons they want.  Basically, Tzimisce take body altering to new heights to the point of melting flesh with one of their abilities. As they age, they grow more and more obsessed with altering anything living and dead around them. [...Victoria just has a ton of willpower, but even then she slips up every once in awhile.]

...This can lead to animal abominations. War Ghouls which are literally several humans fused together to make one massive unstoppable monster, turning people into living screaming furniture, works of art... ect. Or just plain torture by pulling bone through someone's skin and out of their body for the Tzimicse's own amusement.

..As for Victoria. She does this stuff. She just doesn't advertise it.. often. Usually she only does it to herself or animals. As for Humans? They're raw materials and food. Trust me, you don't want her biting your character. It's like a shark's bite. [It's a flaw of hers.]

What can you expect from her?

Death Threats, some subtle, some not. Please keep in mind that for three hundred years of her life, she was dealing with Vampire politics. Those.. can be brutal.She still retains some of those mannerisms even when dealing with mortals. It's second nature to her. Sometimes she will make a big deal out of something that to others isn't. She just... is a little obsessive.

You can expect strange shadows which can sometimes be lethal. [As in suffocating domes of shadow or.. literal tentacle rape minus the rape.]

A red eyed cat keeping tabs on everything. and.. the occasional red eyed raven or two.

Disturbing descriptions. Either her describing something or her doing something that might enter the realms of Nightmare Fuel.

A certain inhuman detachment.

Extreme body modifications. Both to her, random humans, or animals.

Blood, gore and everything else that goes with those two.

..If I'm not paying attention, Victoria's descriptions usually... are bordering on High Octane Nightmare fuel.

If any of this disturbs you/you can't handle/ you want me to tone it down let me know! Please.  I cannot stress this enough. If You interact with Victoria, please feel free to contact me either on aim at PacifistQueen or on Plurk at ZoanTanis to discuss any boundaries you have/ what you want out of the interactions.

Why am I stressing this? Quite frankly, I'm afraid of crossing boundaries that make everyone else uncomfortable. I admit, because I play both her and Rip  my level of disturbing is a little off. Okay, way off to the point of what is common sense to me? Might not be to you.  Because of this, I tend to not think sometimes about how a description or tag might affect someone else or even how a thread might go. [Not to mention Victoria's one of my more.. reserved characters.]

If something DOES make you uncomfortable, talk to me, I'm willing to delete and redo tags to better fit your comfort level.

Again how to contact me:

Plurk: ZoanTanis
AIM: PacifistQueen

Thank you for your time.

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All right, so Spring Court will have 4 major mod-sanctioned activities. They are:

The Tournament
The White Hall (Room for singles looking for brides or grooms to flirt with each other)
The Imperial Court
A Grand Ball later in the week, some details to be revealed later on during the court once the tournament concludes.

Here, feel free to plot what you want to do for any of these four things. Also, players are allowed and highly encouraged to create and run their own Spring Court plots. Post ideas for that here as well. Go nuts guys, Court will officially begin this Saturday.



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