Mar. 28th, 2012

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mentleGen, Zs1 here (I play Suo.. yeah, obscure) I'm that quiet kid in the corner

I'm planning on apping from TЯAPT here soon. I brought this up about a month and a half ago I think. But, now that I'm finally remembering to WORK on the app, not just sit on my laurels and daydream about it, I think I need a few things, people, and answers.

Modlyfolk: Do I still need to meet requirements for a kingdom if it's on it's dying legs and may, depending on how things play out, never get rebuilt. Just to say "she's from here" and maybe not even put it on the map. It's called Fronenberg, for what it's worth. I'm flexible on this!

Playerfolk! Who wants to join a dying kingdom, or a low intensity plot!? There's plenty of positions available... For those not familiar with the game (which is probably everyone but me and 1 other!) there's plenty of roles to fill! I won't ask you to watch a recently finished LP just to app in, but, there's plenty of substitutions to do!
For the good guys:
*Someone to come to Allura's aid, be her knight, and remain oblivious to her slaughtering people with killer traps.
*The person hired to assassinate the king, but realizes there's something much more than just a usurping of a senile king going on.
*Allura's maid.
*Any number of anyone from anywhere to try and protect her from people collecting on the ABSURDLY HIGH Bounty

And for the bad guys:
*The current Queen, Allura's 'step-mother', who wants the girl dead. Frames her for assassination!
*The highest ranking knight guy; who's working with the Queen only to flip the script and overthrow HER
*Allura's maid (same as above), who's coordinating a few things dealing with the revival of the fiend.
*Dirty dealers who want her for her bounty, her body, or her power (I'm looking at you Team Evil mk2? Mk3? MkX??)
Nothing's necessary, they can all be little NPCs here and there I just mention, but, the more the merrier I say!

Hollah at ya boi! (OvermanZs1 on AIM... I don't know if I'm listed on the contact page)



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