Mar. 31st, 2012

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Right, I used to play here, but an introduction couldn't hurt, right?

Name's Eq and while I used to play Lelouch and Shirou, I decided to idle out because of life issues as well as exams and all, but now that all of them are over, I figured that I can take a second shot at this game!

Meet Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass! Some can say that he's the hero of the story while Lelouch/Zero's the villain of the show if you flip the perspective, and that is in fact, partly true! After all, Suzaku is a knight and Lelouch is a revolutionary, which puts them on the opposing side of the board.

I have most of his backstory pinned already so all I need right now is this: Past CR and Potential CR! So if you have any idea for him, feel free to contribute!
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Hey, Chris here! I'm looking to app this guy -- Lancer from Fate/zero, though here he'd be known by his true name, Diarmuid ua Duibhne. He'd be a knight of Britain, serving Arthur directly.

But there's one thing I need. You see, Diarmuid has a mark below his right eye that causes any woman who gazes upon it to fall madly in love with him. Strong female magi can resist it, and those with high magic resistance (Arturia) or ridiculously high magical energy (Irisviel) are immune to it.

How's this relevant? Well, what we'd like is for a woman to be engaged to Arthur. Then, when she comes to Britain, she meets Diarmuid and becomes infatuated with him on sight -- to the point where she compels him to run away and elope with her. It needs to be an adult woman, who would be okay with lots of travel. Bonus points if travel invites shenanigans, such as if she has no sense of direction.

So, would anyone be interested in providing us a woman for this plot?


Mar. 31st, 2012 08:41 pm
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Hey guys!  DL/Wighty, player of Levin and Roswell here.

I'm planning to app (have submitted an application for) Klarth F. Lester from Tales of Phantasia.  In his canon, he is the founder of Summoning.  He's also from a century in the past.  I've apped him as being from Dagaria's past, and with Sheepy's permission, one of the founders of the (former) village of Mist as well as, again, the magic of Summoning.  He will be transported to the future and will simply be struggling along at first, trying to understand modern politics.  The Rift will have been present in his time period; actually, the reason he is here is because a creature from the Rift was threatening Dagaria's past (Dhaos, in his canon, but unnamed here in case anyone actually apps Dhaos).

Since he's a historical figure from the past, I'd like to ask if anyone's interested in being aware of who he is.  I'd also like to ask if any Kingdom is interested in eventually having him as a military adviser of some sort, as he played this role in his canon as well within the ongoing war.

Finally, if you play a Summoner, and you are not OK with the idea of Klarth having been a father of Summoning, I will alter his background to specifically exclude the type of Summoning that your character performs.  Thanks!



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