Apr. 1st, 2012

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Okay, so this is something I probably should have had together when I OOC introed, but it probably works better having this over here.

Eiki is an afterlife deity and the judge of dead souls, as a judge there are certain things she is aware of and looks for, and that is the sins of those she will judge, both dead and alive. She is a neutral entity though, so she will never take a side, though "good" behavior is worth more than "bad" behavior. Unless you're a youkai/demon/rift monster/what have you and then "bad" behavior appropriate for your nature is "good" (this is a really hard concept to explain so I'm sorry if it's kind of muddled). For example in canon a youkai named Yuuka is chastised for not attacking humans more often and the miko of the series Reimu is chastised for not hunting youkai more often.

So to the point, I have a permissions post Over Here and I would really like everyone to fill it out. I would find it incredibly helpful as well as important. Considering the nature of the game and her position I really want to have as much related information on everyone as possible. If there is anything that is plot relevant that should not be openly shared I will screen it. (Or I can make the post screened as default if people would prefer.) I want to be flexible with this as well as not step on any toes, however it will make playing her easier if I can know the things she should realistically know herself.

Of course it's fine if she doesn't know everything! There are lots of things that can explain that as it is a lot of work to keep track of every living thing around. So if there's something you really really don't want to share that's fine.

She's not going to use this stuff against anyone though, she's neutral, this is just for her own personal judgment for whenever someone dies (or if she thinks they can be saved from a harsh punishment by being steered away from their sinful ways). I also do not mind having her role as such used for any plots or her knowledge and possessions used as well, either through attempted theft, coercion or what have you. But unless there is a plot related reason to share information with particular people she won't.

So... yeah, invasive Yama is invasive.

Feel free to ask me any questions about this system as well as any ideas for up coming trials. (I know there are some characters lined up for potential deaths soon and would love to know what would be expected or is okay to do!)
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AOB here! So I figure it's time to set the possibility of a "monster"-based hierarchical system in this game. Humans have already been doing a fair job on it. The monarchical systems that Dagaria abides by pretty much is the human system. But what about monsters? I think a hierarchy for them has already been implied in this game what with Redcloak and the independent Goblin Nations, the Beastmen and Luna's Call, the dragons, and Xelloss. We just haven't seen much of it quite yet.

And naturally, with so many intelligent "monsters" around, they're bound to form societies and class structures of their own. So I propose a concrete system to make the game and the coming political battles a little more interesting. The monsters have had a hierarchical system in this game for quite some time and they've always been at odds with humans to varying degrees. The monsters aren't as organized as humans, so most have come to recognize power based on strength.

The strongest monsters are classified as Demon Kings/Queens. There are about four total and they hold collective dominion over monsters across the world. Each of the Kings/Queens usually have followers or knights, but this can vary based on whoever is in charge. A solitary monarch can remain alone if strong enough, but others can trust in followers to carry out their will.

Which brings me to this character I'm considering playing. This is Alma Elma from an h-game called Monster Girl Quest. The sex aside, the game is a marvelous parody of the Dragon Quest-esque story structure and I was tempted to play a character from it. Alma Elma is the Queen Succubus and one of the Monster Lord's Four Heavenly Knights. While she would have dominion over succubus (a specific monster race) for being the strongest (although, she really just fools around and couldn't be more distant from her own kind), a Demon Queen would have control over her.

So average monsters > specific race lords (Redcloak, for example, would also fit nicely into this with the goblins) > Demon King/Queen

Naturally, since monsters are regarded as evil by most humans, they can't establish kingdoms, but they can share territories unofficially with other provinces. They'd be regarded as factions just for now similarly to Luna's Call.

The interests of each king/queen will, of course, vary and that's up to the characters (could range from starting havoc, finding ways to cooperate, etc.) , but what do you think about establishing a specific class structure like this? Granted, some Kings/Queens may be distant from the others (like if a dragon became one, s/he would inevitably be), but there are always exceptions based on characters being applied. Alma Elma would serve a Demon Queen/King for sure (Alice, specifically, if we ever got her...).



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