Apr. 2nd, 2012

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So Utena's AU background has Akio as a former demigod from the Fairy realm who was sent to Dagaria to protect humanity in ancient times. He was known as Dios at the time and had legendary status. Utena's got big holes in her memory though so she's still investigating that, which leaves several possibilities:

1: Your character knows about Dios. This can range from having been told fairy tales (literally, in this case) of him as a child to being a researcher who can help her track down information on him, or even having encountered him if you were alive way back in the day. For instance the Fate/[whatever] cast, or Garviel are sufficiently old.

2: You're from the fairy realm yourself and want to help or hinder her investigation into trying to get in.

3: You're a former/current attendee of Ohtori Academy or a product of a similar experiment by him in the past. This would work especially well if you're from a canon similar to RGU (such as Shitsurakuen). You could be a duelist, an ordinary student, or an agent of Akio's. Utena may not remember you but she's had her brain messed with several times, so that wouldn't be surprising.
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Hi there, ISers! My name is Mini and I am not in your game! But that will probably change. Since the probability scale of apping Filia tipped from "maybe" to "you're a sucker" pretty damn fast, I guess I should try to figure out how the events of Try translate here.

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Yea/nay? I'm totes open to ideas and alterations!



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