Apr. 19th, 2012

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Right, so to raise morale and comfort the little people, Rose Empress Nero of Rome is planning on hosting a big play. With herself as the main character, naturally, since... show-off. But yes, at any rate, depending on how plotting goes, the play will kick off next week at the earliest. Normally, Nero wouldn't involve you guys, but the roles are kinda up for grabs now that, um... heh, most of the actors happened to break their leg?

So we need a few things settled before we move onto Part 2 and the roles. First off, we need a play. Now, we could either make things up and you guys can throw suggestions on how the story should work... or? You can throw at us some in-canon stuff.

I have a few ideas myself:

"Bring Us Justice and Peace: The Death of the Abominable Fiend Lina Inverse". Perhaps shortened to a different name in this era.

"Maria and Draco" from Final Fantasy VI, AKA the Opera.

... and I'm sure you guys would have more. So, thoughts? Any of your characters might want to participate?

EDIT: Okay, so the theme is Roman/Greek plays (with some variations, of course).

So far, we have the Iliad as a popular choice. Any takers?
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So! Bradley is preparing to bring the might of Amestris down on the heads of the folk of Sawa. I am generally prepared to launch this shit whenever, refer to this post for your marching orders. In this plot post, let's figure out how this will play out, and see what all people want to log or just make mention to and generally handwave. Figuring out how some of the logs will go is also a plus, gonna try to get this thing rolling by this weekend.

Have at thee!



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