Apr. 21st, 2012

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So I guess I"m coming off Hiatus a day or two early, with the list of events leading up to Avshar's death. If anyone has any special roles they want to play or plans that my plot is fucking up, this is the place to let me know.

1) Avshar shows up out of no where in Zeon, interrupting a meeting of Char's war council and is all "Bitches I'm the boss now!"
2) Avshar releases his long prepared enchantment that brainwashes a bunch of high ranking Zeon NPCs to be loyal to him instead of Char. Also, if any PCs are willing to be brainwashed, let me know here. This would be temporary, ending when Avshar dies.
3) Avshar ambiguously kills Char
4) Using the ashes of all the summoners of Mist, Avshar creates a bunch of portals from various places around the empire to The Rift, releasing tons of demons and generally distracting the hell out of everyone.
5) Cultists target each of the faction and kingdom leaders. They are probably all defeated.
6) Under Avshar, the army of Zeon marches on the Imperial City, completing a flanking maneuver with Avshar's OWN army of steppe nomads (think Mongols) and demons from beyond the borders. Avshar conquers the capital and crowns himself Emperor, instating a very brief reign of darkness and fear.
7) EVERY other country is all "HELL no." and puts on a temporary truce to gang up and take him down.
8) There is a huge clash of armies, which is almost a perfect match, but Avshar is slowly winning.
9) Char, having climbed out of hell itself for revenge, leads the remnants of Zeon's armies that didn't side with Avshar into the battle, heroically tipping the scales in favor of the forces of not-Avshar at the last moment.
10) Char teams up with Paladin Cecil and defeat Avshar himself, possibly with the Rule Breaker.
11) Avshar is sucked into a portal to hell as punishment for failing the dark god Skotos, and is never seen again.


That's a lot of stuff, which is why I'm making it as clear as I can now. Hopefully with this there will be no surprises.



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