Apr. 27th, 2012

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Hey everyone, Sheepy here! I'm looking to app everyone's favorite giant fistycuff-wielding loli Yuu Koutari/Strength from Blackā˜…Rock Shooter. In the series, after Yuu and Strength switch places, it appears that she does not age in the real world. As such, I'm actually planning on going with an extreme on this and having her be Garviel's younger sister, making her, well, really freaking old. She'll likely have had a different name (not determined yet) and will have likely gone under a different alias every time she pops up, so as to not raise as many suspicions.

She'll have appeared randomly throughout history, but basically I'm looking for a family that she can adhere herself to, as this is something she tends to do. I'm not picky on kingdoms. I'd personally prefer it not be ones that I have characters in, but again that's not required.

Also too, since it would make things easier, I'll be treating her other form much like a transformation. It's generally my thought that the BRS characters could be related to Persona users, possibly Wild Cards. But if other people are thinking of joining with the various other characters, I'm willing to go with whatever. Most of the fighting initially will be taking place in the Crystal World, with the potential of being able to manifest in the real world, although they tend to avoid it.

Anyway, purpose of this post!

+ Who wants to adopt Yuu temporarily?
+ How to shot awesome battles?
+ Casties? :D


Apr. 27th, 2012 11:41 pm
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Let's get this ball rolling, shall we?

Plot Name: Why is the TARDIS stuck, or, Rift Physics And You, A Time Lord's Exploration.
Plot description: The Doctor gathers a few brave souls to go traipsing into the Rift with timey-wimey detectors and other such things to find out what they can about what the Rift is and whether it's what is responsible for the TARDIS being stuck (hint: it is). He'll find out enough to get said spacetime vehicle UNstuck and maybe stumble across a holy shit kind of fact, like he always does.
Plot Timeline: Next month, when the show is done. As to how long I expect it'll go, I have no idea.
Needed Characters: I'll definitely need a kingdom leader to aid in organising of people and to throw the idea out to everyone, because who's gonna listen to some weirdo with a blue box? Other than that, I'm open as to Companions.
Other: ...watch me come up with this later, at, like, 3am. 'OH SHIT THAT'S WHAT I WAS DRIVING AT...'



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