May. 11th, 2012

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So. The winner of Nerdo's fifth character slot, instead of any of those other guys, is this obscure version of Gilgamesh, King of Heroes - specifically, the version from Kinoko Nasu's math note margins - I mean Fate/Prototype

Like our Arthur and Cu Chullain, I'll be taking this guy's personality and abilities from the character notes and 12 minute OVA of Fate/Prototype. Think of him as being similar in loose terms to the final product from Fate/Stay Night, but toned down into less of a misanthropic end boss and more of a severely antiheroic punk shonen rival.

He's still got the stalker tendencies, admittedly, but he seems nicer about it.

So, notes for this game!

1) Gilgamesh is a king - the Hero-King of Sumeria, to be specific. However, since I already have an arrogant blond douchebag kingdom leader, his kingdom will be off map (probably to the West) and he will have none of the resources of a kingdom leader until such time as Char Aznable snuffs it.
2) Like the other Fate/whatever characters in this game, Gilgamesh will just be himself, not a Holy Grail War Servant. His AU background will more or less be the beginning of the Epic of Gilgamesh - the people back home can't stand him, so it was politely suggested he go off on a quest. Somewhere. Anywhere. He picked Dagaria, explaining why he's here. More details on what he's looking for or trying to do will come later - being Gilgamesh, he really doesn't care, and being me, I make stuff up on the fly.
3) I already have my cap of two limited characters (one faction leader and one kingdom leader), so as it stands now I can't use Gilgamesh as an independent, which would make the most sense. So, I put it to the rest of the game to suggest between my three options:
--Drop Izanami
--Bother AOB into forming that Yami kingdom and fold Izanami into that, removing the Netherworld as a faction
--Have Gilgamesh decide to join Britain as pretty much the worst mercenary ever. If Britain had a specific enemy (it doesn't as far as I know), that would be an option too.
4) Regardless of the choice above Gilgamesh will probably mostly be hanging around Britain, as it has the Fate/Prototype cast so far, an extremely pretty royal family, and THE HOLY SWORD WIELDER neat magical artifacts.
5) He really likes cute young maidens, like the Fate/Prototype protagonist and every new bride in Uruk. Just a heads up.

Now to go actually keyword my icons.
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So, once everyone is back from Finals and stuff, we have some stuff going on in Rome I have questions about.

1. Apparently Medea and eleuseus are being kidnapped?

2. Nero is being overthrown at some point by the senate? Also something about her mom? (I'd like details)

3. Garviel is apparently eventually gonna end up running the Kingdom? Is anyone intent on disputing that or casting him down? What are going to be the reactions of the other Kingdom and faction leaders? To give some idea he will be very honorable and reserved in his actions, no overt or covert military actions against others as long as they act in an honorable manner.

4. Question to the mods: Garviel will eventually have to run the Crusade company (eventually converting to Grey Knights), is it legal for him to run this apolitical faction whilst running a Kingdom?

5. Is this taking place before or after the conclusion of the Grail war?

Idk, I just have lots of questions and want to work out future CR etc.



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