May. 13th, 2012

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I shall be running an AIM log for the return of Lancer. She'll be coming back from the rift all corrupted, and will be whipping out reality marbles and shit. It'll be cool.

This mission WILL involve lots of mind powers being used on PCs, so do not sign up if you are not comfortable with being manipulated against your will, don't sign up.

Hoping to do this within the next two weeks, and I'm limiting it to 6 combatants besides Lancer herself. Who's interested, and when can you make it?


For anyone who hasn't gone on one of these logs before, I recommend reading this before the log starts.
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Bet you thought you'd seen the last of today's plot posts from Eric, didn't you? NO SUCH LUCK!

So this is a plot that Midna-mun, Major-mun and I have been putting together. It makes some assumptions about characters played by other characters who we haven't asked for permission from yet, which is the main purpose of this post.

It goes like this:

1) Midna has been searching for the Fused Shadow pieces, artifacts of great power that belong to her people. Previously, Midna almost got one, but it fell into the Major's hands instead when Batman ruined everything by mistaking Midna for a museum thief.

2) A second shadow piece is held by Hellsing. No doubt they have numerous artifacts of great power under lock and key.

3) Midna finds out about this and tries to steal it. Again she gets there just too late. The Last Millenium launches an assault on Hellsing's HQ (Like they do.). Midna is captured by Hellsing, but is able to convince them she's the goodguy here, but not in time to stop Millenium from stealing it.

4) Batman catches up at this point, meeting Hellsing agents and Midna as all three parties board the train that Millenium is using to ship the Shadow Piece back to Amestris. There are exciting train antics involving climbing on train cars and punching vampires. Possibly both at the same time.

5) In the end, Batman ends up escaping with the Fused Shadow, which he uses as a bargaining chip to get Midna to work with him. The Major, fed up with getting his nose tweaked by do-gooders, decides to start being more active with is vampire army. I'm a little hazy exactly what he does at this point and am open to suggestions.

6) Whatever acts of villainy he commits, there isn't much action taken against him by the rest of Dagaria, because The Major has a zillion contacts in various armies around the Empire that all work for him. Furthermore, some of The Major's vampires are using pale imitation of the Twili's powers, reverse engineered from the Fused Shadow piece they've had all this time.

Every step of this is currently open to debate and change, especially since I have yet to approach anyone from the Hellsing Cast beyond The Major. Ultimately, I want this to end with Integra, Midna, and Batman teaming up to board The Major's airship and kick his ass.
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Hey everyone, I had a few questions, if you don't mind.

Luc is going to become a Bishop in the Church. For those who don't know, a Bishop is a regional leader of the Church (at least, they are in real life), ranked just below a Cardinal. They typically cover a geographic area; for example, there is a Bishop of New York City. The area a Bishop controls is called a "diocese."

Luc is also a rank-two Courtier, in case you're wondering.

My question is, where should Luc represent the Church? I was thinking either Rome (yes, I know; don't worry, there's a reason for this), or the Nameless States. I want a popular opinion, since I can't decide.
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So guys! As of the announcement that Bradley and Mitsunari are jointly taking over the Dagarian throne, the riots and stuff I have been mentioning for a while now will finally be going down in Rome! Basically the Roman Senate and the people are fed up with Nero not trying to take the throne, and this will result in riots. Nero will, much like a child sticking their fingers in their ears and humming loudly, be ignoring all this shit going on around her, and that will piss off a lot of people. A lot. Nero will eventually be forced to flee Rome so as not to be caught by assassins or mobs of angry citizens, and the leadership of the kingdom will quickly be snatched up by Garviel in an attempt to keep it away from the corrupt.

So here's a handy dandy little timeline of events!

- Tomorrow (5/14), Yukari will decide to take the task of forcing Nero to get her shit together into her own hands, and will spirit Eleuseus away, therefor robbing Nero of one of her closest allies.
- Nero takes to the crystals to inform everyone - through complaining about it of course - about the riots. There will be some bickering between her, Yukari, and Yuna.
- Shortly after, Yuna "suggests" to another Senator an assassination. The attempt will fail of course.
- Nero continues to ignore the rising unease in Rome, and a few days after her crystal post, Medea is spirited away as well.
- Another failed assassination attempt. This time it'll be clear that, at least in Nero's eyes, several people want her dead.
- Realizing that the entire Senate could very likely want her dead, Nero flees. On foot, not by waypoint; they could be expecting that, so once she's outside of Palatine, she'll be avoiding any really populated areas.
- Before fleeing, though, she issues one last order to Garviel: keep the throne of Rome away from any of the Senators. Take it himself if he must.
- After Nero's absconding, Medea and El are released from wherever Yukari had held them.
- Nero calls on the aid of her allies in Luna's Call, and makes her way to Camelot, where Arturia provides safe shelter.
- Arturia makes a public declaration that if anyone tries attacking Nero, they will be dealt with. Personally.
- Garviel takes control of Rome and El punishes all the Senators involved in the riots! G.... Good end?

Ideally, this should all happen by the time June rolls around, barring any unforseen circumstances or if anyone else thinks it should stretch out a little longer. So... questions? Comments? Anyone else want in on this?



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