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Hey, guys!  DL/Wighty, player of Levin, Klarth, and Roswell, with a potential new character. 

This is Viridi, goddess of nature.  Details concerning her canon and role constitute mild spoilers, so I'm not going to mention them.  In short, Viridi is a goddess with a major grudge against humanity for being so careless in their treatment of the Earth.  Due to certain events, she snaps and decides that the only solution is to destroy all of humanity, or at least reduce them to a state where they can no longer cause as much damage.

Viridi's major weapons are the Reset Bombs, giant meteors that only kill humans and revert everything within their blast radius to their original state prior to humanity coming into the picture.

I'd like to play Viridi as a villain for a brief plot, wherein she destroys a city with one of her bombs.  She will then be stopped either by some heroes blowing up her bomb depot or by some other gods present in the RP stripping her of some of her powers.  Afterwards, she would pull a Heel-Neutral Turn and at the very least, stop dropping giant meteors everywhere.  I'd also like her to be a faction leader, with the tentative title of the Forces of Nature.  This would basically constitute anyone who disagrees with Church policies and still follows the old gods, as Viridi would be introduced as one of the Fates and Fortunes that used to be worshiped in Dagaria.

Some questions I have - Is any kingdom leader willing to have one of their cities be the target for a bomb?  If not, I'll choose a random NPC city.  Also, is anyone interested in having a character join Viridi's faction?  Beastmen and elves would work well, in addition to the obvious ones of anyone still worshiping the Fates and the Fortunes.  She'd be quite fond of other races who live harmoniously with nature.

Finally, mods, would this character be appropriate for the framework of the RP due to her slightly overpowered state?  After the initial plot, I plan to have Viridi work only through chosen heroes rather than through any direct action, much like Palutena and Joan of Arc.



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