May. 24th, 2012

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Now, then, I'm sure you all remember Eric's post right here: With Integra-mun's drop, though, we've had to change up a few things to be a little more accommodating. And I think this might actually turn out to be more fun for all of you.

The change is that instead of the Fused Shadow piece being inside the Hellsing organization's mansion, it's inside Britain's treasury. The Major gives some intel to Queen Arturia about a certain Riftspawn that got loose heading their way. Of course, that so-called Riftspawn happens to be Midna. Midna finds out about the second piece being inside the treasury, but the British soldiers find and confront her.

While they do so, Suzaku Kururugi and Desil Galette in secrecy sneak into the vault and steal the Fused Shadow piece. Batman catches up, teams up with Midna and Britain, and find the train that the has Millennium agents on board. At this point, the Black Knights will also be boarding the train.

Begin the shenanigans and epic fights as characters sneak into the cargo compartment to find the Fused Shadow piece.

So that's what we've got planned. Anybody want in?



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