May. 25th, 2012

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I'll put it straight; Anise and Sync are likely to go soon without some plots, be it big or small. It's hard to integrate them in Sync's case because he doesn't want to socialize, and in Anise's case because she's currently obsessed with getting more money for her family.

AOB's got a lot on his plate so we can't ask for Church-related things, but does anyone need two young teens in their lives? They're right now housed in the Church in Imperial City, but there's warp points. I'm asking because these two need some CR to break them out of their habits.

If this is successful, it'll likely make Sync feel less jaded when the Ninetails makes it's big plot on the Church internal workings, and for Anise it'll make her a bit more willing to help out when it's more than just herself on the line.

Anyway, consider this a joint post; if you only need one of the two that's more than fine and encouraged. If you're not sure about the characters and what they can bring to your plots, feel free to message Enno or Yuugao on AIM, or poke us in the chat.

Private messaging [personal profile] rejected_trash or [personal profile] sassy_spy works too.



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