May. 29th, 2012

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Hey, guys. Kinda taking a shot in the dark here, but I think it might be fun to have this guy join up. He's Kazutaka Hyoudo, the main villain of Kaiji, a gambling manga, and also the head of the powerful Teiai (Love Emperor) Group. He has no powers or abilities to speak of beyond the fact that he's incredibly influential and unimaginably rich. His wealth drove him mad and conventional hobbies don't interest him anymore. What does interest him is pitting the poor and destitute into games of life and death for a small glimmer of a chance at wealth. And he can get away with it precisely because he's so rich. He likes gambling and is even better at cheating/catching cheats.

In Imperial Saga, Hyoudo will be head of the Sawa-based Teiai Group in charge of handing out loans for public or private purposes. Not to mention trade and manufacturing. Just like in canon, Hyoudo's biggest project is to create a world underground (metaphorically and literally) filled with hotels, hospitals, casinos, and black markets. What I want to do with him is to give someone negotiators and lawyers of the game can combat against. He isn't an enemy that the military can take initiative against.

So all in all, he's both a powerful public figure and in secret, a big crime lord too.



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