Jun. 3rd, 2012

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Okay so! As the plague spreads, Victoria is going to capitalize on this opportunity to get "willing" test subjects. How may you ask? ..She's setting up clinics as it pops up in various kingdoms. Manning the clinics are going to be men and women who are bound to Victoria  by her blood. So basically very loyal servants.

The Cure! Isn't... really a cure. It's a random mixture of harmless ingredients. Except... her blood has also been added to it.

She's trying to <a href="http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Blood_bond_%28VTM%29">blood bond</a> as many people as she can. Essentially most people might get one or two points blood bound to her. NPCs are fucked. Everyone else can probably tell there's something wrong here and immediately become suspicious/ fight it off. Some might not even be affected depending on what they are.

Why is she doing this ? It's an experiment on the extent of blood bonds on the ignorant human masses. That, and what better way to get more material for her experiments. Random people off the street might even be missing if anyone cares to look.

Any questions? Please ask!



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