Jun. 8th, 2012

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Hey guys!   I haven't seen anything too concrete yet about plotting for the plague, so I thought I'd try and consolidate some of the ideas.  I have a thought of my own I'd like to propose, too.

First off, Klarth and Red previously were planning to make a trip to a place called the Cave of the Spirits, which is where a Summon Spirit named Gnome resides in Klarth's canon.  This was long before the plague was announced, but I'd like to incorporate this into the plot.  One of the spells associated with Gnome is Dispel, the spell that cures Ailments, and Gnome's power could conceivably be incorporated into a cure, whether as a physical object imbued with his essence or as a component of a spell or whatever else we decide the cure will be.  Of course, it's not going to be an Instant Panacea, but it could be helpful.

If anyone's interested in accompanying the two of them, let me know here and I can either throw up a log or arrange an AIM thing or something along those lines.  This is just for preliminary planning.  After this trip, Klarth will lend his scholarly efforts towards assisting with the cure, though he's only any good for the magic side of things.

Other than that, the efforts to control the plague, as far as I've seen, include Georik doing his doctor thing in Zeon, Welkin studying and making notes in Britain, and the Emperor of Man being willing to throw some divine intervention in the mix.  Victoria's efforts probably aren't terribly helpful, aha.

Shall we try to make some solid plague-combat groups?  One for researching the medical side of things, another for researching any helpful magic, possibly one for more physical efforts, as in figuring out how best to contain the spread of the disease, and one to offer live human sacrifices of buff and war-hardened space marines to the Emperor to further gain his favor.  Or just share any random ideas you may have!
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I am a complete newbie to the game and I have a question. I'm planning on apping this girl here, Starfire from DC Comics (80's version). However, I was wondering what other people had done for alien characters since she is by no means human (just humanoid). So I was wondering what possibilities there are for her AU background that fit in the setting. If anyone wants her canon bio for more information about her specifically, just let me know.



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