Jun. 9th, 2012

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Taryn and her people can't fight a plague, even if their shamans can help some, but airborne raiders? This the beastmen can do something about.

Luna's Call will be spearheading the effort to push back the raiders. Expect a post later tonight (when I get off work) from Taryn with two very important bits of information, one being these raiders.

Who wants to help Luna's Call?
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As this has been in limbo for a while, and with the mods' permission, Viridi will be making her move near the end of the fight against the raiders. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back. She'll be dropping a Reset Bomb, preferably in one of either Amestris, Sawa, or the Nameless States (where the raiders are attacking), but if no one is willing to have their country involved, then in an obscure unclaimed area to the west.

The Reset Bomb is essentially a meteor strike, or perhaps something similar to a nuclear bomb. WARNING FOR SPOILERS: To see it in action, go here.

It destroys only humans and human-made things, leaving everything natural intact.  It will create a gigantic mass of brambles and forest that will eventually fade as the land inside returns to its original state pre-human interaction.

Following this, Viridi will be dropping more bombs as she pleases, and it will be necessary to destroy her Reset Bomb Factory or otherwise disable her in some way.  The Bomb Factory is supposed to be in the sky so it may be best to attack by airship or something similar.  I can change its location if it's a problem, though !  

I'm gonna make a preliminary survey of who would be interested in this!  Viridi can also be talked out of it if someone is exceptionally skillful (and patient) in debate if anyone would rather take that route.  Kingdom rulers, let me know if you'd be interested in having the bomb drop within the confines of your kingdom!  Void has requested not Amestris already.  Anyone else, let me know if you want to invade the Bomb Factory or otherwise do plotty things!



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