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So I was thinking, just because I realized we have a fair amount of deities and deity type people that this might make some sense. But what would people think of a basic "ethics" or rules or some king of simple law structure for the gods? Nothing too complex but just some things they are expected not to do, or to do depending on situations and such, either involving the world, mortals, or each other.

Or hell, just maybe more of an idea of how they all interact and relate just a little better. Anyone interested?

And yes this mostly came to mind because I play miss hall monitor Eiki here. orz
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So hey, it's AOB again! I know I posted as Adachi, but agh, now I have somebody else I want to app in. So yes, this man is named Hades. Yes, like that Hades, the Lord of the Underworld Hades. Similarly like that Hades, rather than being grim and quiet, he's kinda outright evil. Since the Netherworld is already ruled by Izanami, I figure that Hades can be the ruler of Hell instead. ... although, I wouldn't mind if he was a part of the Netherworld at some point. But anyway.

The rp established that a Lucifer exists inside Shini's Georik. Lucifer is the rightful Lord of Hell, but well... you can't do much ruling as an empty husk.

As the ruler of Hell, his dominion is over the souls of the damned and the more souls that are damned, the better. He'll maintain a fairly passive role for a while, mostly helping push conflict in directions that involve the most casualties. What that means is that he'd be happy to invest a fair portion of his infernal troops to anything he finds promising. That, and attempting to shift the power balance among gods to his side. By virtue of having his domain still be relevant to the Crystal King's teachings, he has a fair amount of strength saved since the Old Religion purges. He's also willing to help heroes if his interests are on the line.

So yes. Any room for another god in this pantheon of ours?



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