Jun. 30th, 2012

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Let's get this done before Summer Court!

Courtesy of Garviel, a significant number of PCs have been gathered together in one place.  These include:
Georik Zaberisk, physician of Zeon and an expert in naturalistic medicine and healing.
Klarth F. Lester, Summoner attempting to extract and apply Gnome's Dispel, a technique that can cure all Ailments.
Korra, Avatar-in-training who happens to be an expert in Waterbending-based healing.
Celena Vantari, representative of the new Arcaniss Institute along with her NPC assistants who utilize arcane magic-based healing.

We also have Welkin Gunther, Animal Sociologist who provided the information that the plague is bacterial and originally transmitted into humans through a rodent vector.

If anyone else had characters investigating the plague or otherwise interested in being involved, feel free to join the plotting below as well.

Klarth, as said above, has been working with Gnome to 'extract and control the mana streams associated with the casting of Dispel' into a form that he can work with.  Ignore the magibabble.  The important thing is that he will eventually succeed in binding the power of Dispel into written form, manifesting as a lengthy incantation that practically takes up a whole book.  Gnome will, for whatever reason, insist on calling this new text 'Gnome's Flipout'.

With the creation of Gnome's Flipout, it will be possible for any accomplished mage to cast Dispel, a powerful earth mana spell that can cure any ailment.  Klarth cannot cast magic on his own; someone else will need to do the honors.  However, here are some of the difficulties that may remain:
-It isn't long-range enough to cover everyone that's been affected.  If the spell cannot be made long-range, it may need to be cast and applied through a vector, something like a viral vector. In fantasy terms, its essence may be infused into a potion that can be reproduced.
-It would create an imbalance in earth mana that would require a strong counter stabilizing water-based force to succeed in optimal performance.  I'm kinda making this up on the fly because healing in Klarth's canon is always water-based and it seems to match well with Korra's healing technique.
-Patients may require follow-up treatment.
-Patients may remain infectious even after treatment.
-Patients may relapse due to a small contingent of bacteria remaining in their systems.

And many others!  These are just ideas I'm tossing around if people think their characters may be able to contribute by solving these problems.
If you have any ideas for a cure of your own or some other way your character can contribute, feel free!  The Dispel method may not be the best method, either.

In any case, I think it would be good to throw up a Plague Cure log at some point and have all of us interact IC and toss around more magibabble, etc.  What do you all think?



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