Jul. 6th, 2012

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Hello, my name is Ruri. I'm thinking of bringing in two different characters... Eike Kusch from Shadow of Destiny and Goro Majima from Yakuza series.

First, Eike. For those who don't know the canon, he is an extremely nice, patient, and overall passive individual. What I mean by passive is that he does not ever lift a hand to ever defend himself from being killed (which happens to him a lot). He is very forgiving of everyone (forgave the people who were killing him in canon), and generally can be summed up as being a "nice guy." Honestly, he likes everyone. Regardless if they are absolutely terrible to him, he will think positively about them (though, he might be a little upset about their behavior).

Second, Majima. He is the high-ranking lieutenant of the Tojo Family, and commands his own family. He owns his own construction business that is actually legit. Extremely quirky, but best described as an attack-dog (hence the username). He is not some out-of-control lunatic part of the Tojo Family, but actually like a hellish force that is unleashed on enemies. Yes, he wants to constantly run amok, but he admits that he has obligations and responsibilities that he adheres to completely. He is someone who only listens to "strong" people -- those that can beat him in a fight. And if they beat him, they don't even have to be part of the faction/situation that they want Majima to be part of, they can just command him to do whatever. Or, they can ask for information that only he can provide, which he also won't give for free unless the person beats them. ... He really likes to fight.

And so, I ask for help?

EDIT; Eike would work best as a Baronet and part of the Nameless States, while Majima would work best as a General and part of Rome. So I guess what is left is if anyone wants to figure out any plotting before I start writing the application?



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