Jul. 16th, 2012

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Hello potential applicants and current players already in game. I'm Kattu, I play Arturia, and it's about damn time I made an attempt to start this up.

While Britain is notorious for it's large amount of knights and fighters, I'd like to open this faction up to every kingdom, so long as the character is appropriate for it. I'm not wholly sure how I should go about implementing it, so ideas would be great for that. There are two things to note though:

1) Women can become a member of this faction. Since there's already Kay and Arturia, it would be pretty strange otherwise.
2) Policies would be along the lines of the Code of Chivalry. There will be a couple of modifications to not make it not be so focused on Britain.
3) Those who are a part of the Knights of the Round Table are welcomed within Camelot (Dalweth) and would be able to command within the Britain military should war/battle arise without a commanding officer. Yes, this means someone from an unrelated kingdom can boss around Britain troops.

Current members are: King Arthur, King Arturia, and the first knight, Kay.

So yes, let's plot!
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All right! Since "Nameless States is the smallest kingdom" is no longer a meme, let's get some plotting done!

So far I've got:

-this guy getting settled in his role as Regent

-Crown Prince Levin being Levin

-Locke planning to sabatoge Zeon and may or may not be receiving help from the States somehow

-rebuilding from post-Blight rampage.

As a rule, the states are peaceful/neutral and mercantile, but will throw their lot with whoever seem just/needs help, and will impose trade embargos on aggressive/bad nations.

Let's see what else we can do for both internal and external plots!



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