Jul. 26th, 2012

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Hey everyone, my name's Michael, and I write a webcomic called Twice Blessed. Recently I've picked up the habit of playing the main character in LJRP's as a way of experimenting with his personality so that he seems more real in my writing.

ANYWAYS, I'm really interested in apping Cade to Imperial Saga.
Cade's canon, in brief summary, is that he was a bard who drew the attention of the goddess of luck,was blessed by her, and was unwittingly ordained as one of her paladins (much to chagrin of like, every other paladin ever). Because of her blessing, he has extraordinary luck that has given him the reputation of a hero of much greater skill than he really is, and he has kind of begun believing his own hype. He is at best an average swordsman and a dabbler in a wide variety of magic (being only really competent with healing magic), but he does have an impressive haul of magical equipment that has been mostly showered upon those who thought him a great hero. He has a tendency to bite off more than he can chew and to attract lots and lots of trouble.

I'm open to recommendations of what countries and factions to join, and really any sort of recommendation or discussion in general.



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