Aug. 4th, 2012

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In the interest of "I don't have an easy way to contact everyone", I'm making a post here to ask who in Zeon wants to be given promotions under the new Influence system. I figure I'll put Celes back up to Rank 3 and Souji back up to Rank 2 where they were before, but if your name is Cecil, Georik, Jeanne, Roswell, or Sara, reply here if you want to be above rank 1 since I can do that now.

Also willing to take suggestions on buying new unclaimed territory or saving up to buy stuff overseas as soon as we can get there.

Also general party post since it's Void's bachelor party IRL tonight.
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Alrighty, because I wasn't certain if these ideas were something I should take up with the mods first or not, I decided to make a post here.

With the expansion Eastward, I am obviously very much interested in having Mitchell potentially sending out an expedition/ being a part of an expedition into the new lands. His main intentions for doing so would be for both the adventure, potential glory as well as the ability to start making a monopoly on trade within the new regions. Thus bringing him and the Company more riches and renown, and possibly starting up a few colonies. Maybe even start up his own fleet of ships to fight against pirates, ala, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Speaking of monopolies, I was also very much interested in him attempting to pull off a gigantic form of Rockefeller in the Empire as well. Essentially attempting to overtake the whole of the Empire's markets through a full-on economic war. Challenging, not only the people who make money off of the market, but also, possibly, the kingdoms themselves.

So, my main question is this. Would anyone be interested in these potential adventures. Of course for the expedition you don't have to have your character to join the Company, though I would definitely encourage it, as it would help him form it into a full-fledged faction. :3
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I am a potential player, with a couple potential characters in mind (though this is not a journal for any of them; sorry to anyone who sees Liara and gets excited). More than a couple, maybe, but I can’t help but look at the map, read over the various factions, look at some of the characters we have, and say I want to be a part of the world, not just play a bit. I love the Civilization games as much as I love Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim, so this game is very appealing to me. And it does say post here to talk to the community to figure out fitting in, so...I hope this isn’t overwrought and presumptuous or something. Right.

”TL;DR )

Okay; quick summary for those who said tl;dr. I am asking if anyone is interested in a kingdom set into mountains a bit, populated by monsters (like trolls, goblins, and things like that), dwarves, and men. The old king, a wizard who was a tyrant for centuries, lies dead by his son’s hand after an honourable duel, and the kingdom, long removed from the politics of the land, stands poised to re-emerge as a player for the Imperial Throne.

Rebellion seems likely, and an untried King makes a wonderful target, especially for someone who wants to control him, like an advisor, a general, a bishop, or even a wife.

The future of the kingdom is entirely in the hands of anyone who wants to play in it; I set up the backstory, but the future is open. Dominated by the church; invaded by a neighbour; torn by a civil war caused by nobles, perhaps, loyal to the old king (or simply themselves, or by monsters who have decided they want to rule, instead; we’ll see who is interested in what and play it out from there?

Looking for a General, a Captain of the Guard, Nobles, perhaps a Magistrate from the Imperial City to advise the king, maybe a wife for the king, a lover for the king, the kingdom’s Archbishop, maybe even a Rebel-Faction leader to fight against the King and his troops? Anything else that I didn’t mention! Heck, I’d even be excited to get the Kingdom it’s own God; or at least it’s own Prophet. Can anyone say “Exalted March”?



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