Aug. 8th, 2012

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This is Eric with a potential third and I had some thoughts about stuff to go in the New World that I wanted to share.

In my idea the new world (Or at least part of it) is ruled by a loose confederation of various sentient species known as the Benevolent Satrapy. Humans are one of them, but they are VERY much a minor voice and are are generally very oppressed and second class citizens. The humans here are descendants of Belkan Colonies from before the empire collapsed, and they carried on for a good long time before being "pacified" by the Satrapy. The Satrapy is ruled from behind the scenes by the Satraps themselves, massive creatures looking more or less like landbound trilobites that are masters of mind control magic and live to control and limit the development of sentient life. I think they might make good shadow villains for the Dagarians.

Which brings me to this guy here: Pepper. One of the descendents of the Belkan colonies, he received similar biological and magical upgrades to Garviel and the other space marines, but was a privateer who went around supporting human interests in the Satrapy for personal profit. When the colonies were finally fully absorbed into the Satrapy, Pepper sacrificed his ship to sink some Satrap ships and give more refugees time to escape, but in doing so stranded himself on a tiny island somewhere. His upgrades make him essentially immortal, so he's spent the last two hundred years or so tooling around on this tiny spit of land waiting for rescue.

EDIT: It would also be totally IC for the Satraps to have done everything they could to make it hard to cross the ocean to the New World after they found out that there are millions more humans across the sea, as they find humans FAR too dangerous to be left running around unchecked. Perhaps they taught the merfolk how to do their reef of blades shit. Is that still a thing?



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