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Key Points for Making Characters

When considering joining as a character, your first priority should be to get a post up on the plotting comm, [community profile] imperial_plots. Here, you can do some initial plotting with other players before applying. It's open to everybody, so feel free to use that to figure out where your character can fit in!

We have for your reference an Ongoing Plots page where players post which long-term plots are or will happen and a Current Events page to show you what happened so far in the course of our game.

Most characters in the game join a kingdom or faction based on their goals or setting. It's optional, but it can help your character fit into a role in the game a lot easily. Players are also encouraged to create their own kingdoms or factions. To create a kingdom, a player needs three other characters to join while a faction can consist of only one character.

Here's a list of the ones we have so far:

Established Kingdoms

Awen (Original): the kingdom of Beastmen
Amestris (Fullmetal Alchemist): the militaristic, police state
Britain (Fate/Stay Night): the feudal kingdom that puts emphasis on chivalry
Sawa (Sengoku era): the bureaucratic kingdom where merchants and courtiers have power over the military
The Nameless States (Suikoden): the neutral, desert kingdom
Rome (Fate/Extra): a budding democratic state, many of its leaders are traditionally fond of parties
Zeon (Gundam): an oligarchical, seaside kingdom

Prospective Kingdoms

Eblan (Final Fantasy IV): ruled by a clan of ninjas


The Church: main religious organization, not too friendly to other religions
Imperial Guard: the Empire's main army
Luna's Call: an organization fighting for Beastmen's cause
Millennium: Amestris-based, ultramilitaristic group that seeks war for war's sake
Sacred Order of Holy Knights: the Church's major taskforce against demons or heretics
Crusade Company: A group that promised to fight against the Rift and for mankind in general
Netherworld: those aligned with the Queen of the Dead
Team Evil: the name says it all
Order of the Black Knights: a Sawan group largely against Amestris or other dictatorships

The main goals of most kingdoms are to either secure power for themselves and handle/manipulate the Rift for their own devices. The source of the Rift is a meteor that fell hundreds of years ago, spreading a black fog that corrupted all life, degrading them into the Undead or Daemon. It can spawn life on its own without corrupting another life that already exists.

When joining a kingdom or faction, there are five ranks total you can choose from: commander (front line expertise), engineer (machinery expertise), courtiers (negotiators), magistrates (lawyers), and intelligence operatives (spies). There are three ranks total for each category, all with different powers, to choose from if you'd like:

Commander, Engineer: Major, Colonel, General

Courtier: Baronet, Viscount, Marquis

Magistrates: Magistrate, Chief Magistrate, Judge

Intelligence Operative: Agent, Operative, Master

The higher your rank, the larger your house is as well.

Each character when entering the game finds that they were given a Destiny Crystal, or communicator, in their dreams. The Destiny Crystal can grant one's mind access into an alternate world called the Crystal World, a realm where earth is made of blue crystal. Time moves slower inside. It can function as a place where a person can spend some extra time to think. Characters are also given three Tarot Cards that symbolize their past, present, and future from their dream.

While Imperial Saga is an AU, at minimum, you'll be playing them as if they were in their own world. There's no need to completely overhaul your character's background. The setting of Dagaria is like an amalgamation of canons and worlds. Just about anything can be integrated without issue.

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