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Hopeful Newbie with Questions!

I hope I'm doing this right. Smack me if I'm not.

Hello, I'm Berri and I'm hoping to join the RP! I've been thinking about who I'd like to bring for a first character and I've finally settled on Ren here from Elemental Gelade. If you're not familiar with her canon, most important things to know are that she's a deadpan pretty girl with a shiny rock on her head that lets her become a super awesome weapon. Yay-!
There are just a few things I'd like to ask first, before I finish her application.

1) Kingdom! I'm following Ren's canon, so she'll start the RP by being unsealed. I was wondering if anyone had a character that might either have buy/acquired a pretty girl dolly and then accidentally removed her sealing ribbons, in which case I'd put Ren in their Kingdom. Similarly, I'm just unsure as to what Kingdom is most likely to have a humanoid weapon hanging around for 500+ years. I'm really new here and don't want to make a mistake!

2) Secondly, I'm wondering if anyone would eventually want to have their character contract with Ren so she can become their weapon. I put some information on Edel Raids here in her journal. While I wouldn't have her form a contract right away, because Ren is stubborn, I'm wondering if that's a possibility for the future.

Okay! That's it! I'm sorry for being a stupid newbie ! Thanks a bunch if you can answer any of my questions. I hope that I can someday be playing with all of you.

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I can promise Zeon as a kingdom as well as several other factions if she becomes Jeanne's weapon. I'm not taking her from any canon specifically, but it would be a fun lampshade over the PSP game her PB's from. Magical armlets for the "chosen ones" that imbue people with magical armors and all.

Actually, this depends on whether or not angels are eligible to wield her. Since that's what she is. An angel. ... yeah, the burning thing happened already.
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Rome can use more people in it, and I could totally see Garviel buying a cute dolly for one of his many friends amongst the younger female population.

Join us, we're small!

Also rome is as old as heck, being part of the old Empire of Belka (yes that belka from nanoha), mixed with the Imperium of man from 40k. So artifact weapons are pretty common. Hell, Rome's current Ruler, my character, is ridunkulously old and is actually a Fate/stay style servant, in his case Berserker.

(Also I tag a lot so you'll get a pretty constant CR if you join up with Rome)

Also if you are looking for someone kindhearted, garviel is a surprisingly nice guy for a Berserking Space-marine warrior king. Just Ask Hayate Yagami, Rydia, or anyone else he's kinda dadlike towards. :3
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Yeah! Also we can work it in with plotting with the Empra down below there, as Garviel is himself indirectly one of the Emperor's creations and is basically his grandson.
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A long time ago, the Emperor here was making human superweapons by the boatload. Now that he's reincarnated, he's actually currently unearthing his storehouses.


If you want Ren to be a part of things that are being reactivated, I can roll with that.
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LOL empra grampa could totally have set something up with ren and such all Just as planned if it comes into Garviel's possession.

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I'm willing to work with anything! However you decide to go with it is up to you though.
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Good to see you, Berri! I'm glad you're interested in IS!

Let's see... It's not a very good match, but if you can't find a better one, Klarth makes contracts with anything and everything that moves, being a Summoner. You'd probably be better off with someone who's a better match personality wise, but it's there if you can't find one!
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[personal profile] fightingofthespirit 2012-06-14 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
Aha, that was more of an exaggeration. Klarth has one contract now and he's about to make another! Either way, I'd be happy to thread with you.

(This is Wighty, by the way, whoops, forgot to mention it.)
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[personal profile] idkworldruler 2012-06-13 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
Mitchell might be interested in taking up a contract with her. Though he himself doesn't belong with a kingdom of any kind, I have been in need of another person to help start up his faction, if you're interested.
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Okay! Well whatever you decide to do, I just hope ya have fun.