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Are you stoked about this battle? I am. And I have finally come up with an extensive battle strategy for this fight after many, many conversations with various other players involved. So, unless there are any last-minute changes, things I overlooked, this will be the plan Taryn has come up with.

First: This is the Chain of Command chart. It shows who is in which group, who is in command and what general affiliation each PC has. Taryn is sharing overall command with Arturia as their kingdoms are the major ones involved.

Second: Here is the tactics that will be used by wave and group.


Arietta has had her monster companions tracking and following the raiders to find out where their encampment is. The forces will attack that location after the drakes have landed for the day.


The first wave of attack will be on the ground lead by Garviel. The Crusade Company and Roman soldiers will storm the raider encampment in a direct assault. This is designed to keep attention focused on them and get the firedrakes to focus their initial counterattack against them. Being used almost as canon fodder, the expected casualty rate for the vanguard is over 50%. Super special Roman dragonfightin' techniques will be used to minimize the casualties (ask [personal profile] greyerrant).

Ground 1

While the vanguard attacks, the rest of the ground forces will finalize their position, nock arrows and be at the ready. Revan will use his Chariot tarot after that initial wave of fire to bolster the vanguard's morale, keep them from breaking ranks, and rally the rest of the ground forces. Edit: Shiny shrapnel stuff.

Air 1

The two dragons with their riders will start their approach. Lleld (with Taryn and Arturia on her back) will lead with Temeraire behind with his crew. Taryn will use her special howl attack (stated in her app) to knock some of the firedrakes out of the sky. The enemy leader and his dragon is assumed to be unaffected being a 'boss'.

Ground 2

Any fallen drakes will be attacked by the land soldiers and shamans. Archers targeting their riders. Tyrnen will use his Magician tarot to bolster the magic users.

Air 2

Lleld and Temeraire split and Taryn calls upon Gaia (really, she's calling upon the goddess Viridi) to aid them. Viridi gives them a powerful wind attack to disrupt the firedrakes and the enemy dragon. Taryn will use her Chariot tarot to bolster the morale of the aerial forces.

Temeraire will fly into the drakes and the British riders, Katina and Kusuha will attempt to board the drakes, knock off/kill the enemy raider and then try to take control of the drakes. Lleld will fly to the enemy dragon. Once in range, Taryn will help Arturia onto the red dragon while Arturia uses Invisible Wind to clear any needed path. Once Arturia is on the dragon, Taryn will follow her.


Once unloaded of her passengers, Lleld and the avian beastmen with her will harry, annoy and generally make it hard for the enemy drakes to follow commands or help against the riders assaulting their handlers. Lleld, with her aerial agility and firebreath will be focusing on the red dragon. The avian beastmen will work in wings of three and their secondary duty is to catch any British riders that fail to make it to the enemy drake or get knocked off themselves. If the rider is okay, they will be returned to Temeraire to try again. If injured too badly, they will be taken to the healers and off the battlefield. If the battle starts going badly, Lleld will use her Wheel of Fortune tarot to turn things back around in Dagarian favor.

Ground 3

While the shamans continue to attack the drakes, buff their comrades, Wildman and her raider unit will defend them. Wildman will use her Strength tarot once enemy forces try to enter melee with the magic users. British archers will coordinate with the magic users to work in tandem. Revan will have the beastmen archers with their massive bows, much like crude ballistas, shoot at the firedakes with specially crafted grappling arrows. Ropes attached to the arrows will be used by beastmen to climb up to the drakes and attack them there to kill or drive the drake to the ground, or they will be used to pull the drakes out of the sky if enough lines hit a single drake.

Air 3

Katina will use her Strength tarot while she tries to take control of the drake she's on. Nero is the last to leave Temeraire for an enemy drake and will use her Emperor tarot to command it if needed. Once free of his boarding party, Temeraire will engage the drakes not being seen to by other forces. He will use his sonic breath to knock more out of the sky and kill what he can. He will also be keeping an eye out for surprises, ready to use his Sun tarot if needed.

Both Taryn and Arturia will attack the enemy leader, working together to take him down (and keep each other from falling off). They each have a Judgment tarot in reserve if they get knocked off or skewered. Once the leader is dealt with, Arturia (with her spanky dragon's blood) will try to take control of the red dragon. If that doesn't work, they will then try to slay the dragon.

There is the potential for other Tarot to be used as reactionary actions, such the Empress, Strength and the Fool.


Now... Hopefully this will work. IF I MISSED ANYTHING, LET ME KNOW.
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Should things get tricky or someone needs a really large hit, Arturia can use "ESKUKALLYBAA" with Caliburn too. It can get pretty nasty to defend against. It can only be used once without potential tarot/magic involved to rejuvenate her, so it's not something she would do lightly.

Arturia will also have Avalon in her possession for this fight in case there's a time constraint with Judgment tarot cards or some other large casualty that she feels must be avoided at all costs. It also can be used to give her enough time to prepare her main attack listed first.

Since she'll be using Invisible Wind when in the air, she won't be able to use it in case of a fall or to bolster her speed as seen often in battle with her. She'll be blowing it pretty early on to make a dent in the battle in their favor after all.
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She can fight on her own at least!!

But thanks for the boost!
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... yes please. If only because Nero making fun of Arturia is the only way she can assert her dominance over her cousin.