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Uther Doul ([personal profile] schroedingers_swordsman) wrote in [community profile] imperial_plots2012-06-15 10:38 pm

Who wants to be a fucking pirate?

Hedge here, with a potential fourth character and (more importantly) potential new kingdom.

I speak of Armada, the floating pirate city. This has a lot of potential for characters to be leaders, as much like a regular city, Armada is divided into Ridings, which are much like New York City's boroughs. Each riding is governed differently and has its own character. They all meet to make city-wide decisions, like where to take the city next and who to raid. Player characters could lead their own ridings and participate in Armada's strange politics.

Later Armada gets lashed to a giant eldritch amoeba to make it go much faster. Yeah.