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On the last deity plot post, we forwarded the idea of a secluded location in the Crystal World for the Gods to have a neutral meeting ground. It seemed to be received unanimously as a good idea so I think we should go ahead with it.

1. It's in the Crystal World.
2. Shikieiki's player has kindly volunteered Eiki to enforce the neutrality of the area and the rules that will be set.

1. How shall we make this place?
2. What should exist in this place?
3. What rules should be observed?
4. If someone decides to break a rule, what should the punishment be?

If there is anything else we need to decide, point it out here and I'll add it. For everything else, LET US DISCUSS.
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It should look like this:

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Or something Victorian sitting room like.
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What about that?

Though honestly I don't much care, I think if Eiki had any input to it, it would probably be horribly bureaucratic or something.
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It should look like that. They have to play musical chairs. Whoever sits on the chair first wins and has their will done.

Nice and neutral!
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What. Best idea is best, clearly.
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Everyone must be civil. No violence. Any conflict within the space should be arbitrated. No questioning the judge.
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Since Shikieiki is the moderator, I think it's only fair that she gets to pick the decor. Everyone else has to live with it.
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while not a god, he'd sneak in. He think Shikieiki has fine taste in decor.

I think no matter the layout, there should be an empty chair for the crystal king.
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There might be certain gods who would place a symbolic tack on that symbolic chair.
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If you need a space created, Izanami is a pro at that, although you might want to put someone else in charge of decorations.

She can make it look like anything, she's just a little depressing in her personal aesthetic choices.
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Viridi will passive-aggressively suggest this, seeing as how that's the world they'll be living in soon, anyway.