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Potential Character/Plot

Herein contains the tale of a young lady
and her quest to gather the seven constellations of Genbu together.
And if you, the esteemed reader, should read to the story's end,
the spell contained within this book shall bestow upon you the powers of the heroine,
and grant you your wish.....

Sound familiar? No?

Okay, for anyone who isn't familiar with Fushigi Yugi, here is a short synopsis:
In a world vaguely analogous to ancient China, the landscape is dominated by four large countries. Each of these countries has an old legend promising that when the country is on the brink of ruin and disaster, a mysterious girl from another world will be chosen to be the priestess of that country's guardian god. Together with the seven celestial warriors, also chosen by that god and granted powers to protect the priestess, she will summon the god and be granted the power to save the country from whatever crisis was plaguing it.
Naturally, it doesn't work out to be nearly that easy for any of the priestesses. But you get the idea.

To perform the summoning, the priestess needs all seven of her warriors and the summoning scroll. (There are a few ways to sort of cheat around this if you have to though.) If successful, the god will descend and the priestess will be granted three wishes. (And then promptly eaten because she was intended as a sacrifice anyway. But most people don't know about that part of the legend.)

The celestial warriors are chosen by the god rather than the priestess, and are each marked with a symbol that appears as a small tattoo somewhere on thier bodies. They are also typically granted powers, but this is clearly not always the case. (Seriously, what did Hotohori even do? And Chiriko's power was just to be smart or something?) It's also worth noting that celestial warriors do not necessarily have to be from the country the god presides over, thought they usually are. They also don't have to be human. Takiko has a sentient rock. Seriously. A rock.

But I am really bad at explaining things. So here are some links for anyone who wants more in depth information:

Anyway, what I wanted to do was bring in the priestess of Genbu from this series. The general plan is for the legend to be some kind of obscure thing that only history scholars and bookworms have even heard of.
I want to try to shoehorn this into an existing nation, and I'm open to suggestions. Almost any nation could work, it just needs to be facing some kind of problem or crisis. Anything from oppressive tyrannical governments to impending wars. Really whatever threat you can think of would work.

Naturally I also need volunteers to be celestial warriors. Again, almost anything goes. And since the warriors are actually chosen by the god, there's no need for an IC reason to get involved. Also, for those who want a smaller level of involvement, it's easy enough to say that their character was just one of the last ones the priestess was able to find.

ICly speaking, the warriors would suddenly find the marks appearing on their bodies when the priestess arrives/is chosen/whatever. They'd be free to ignore it, ask around, etc. Some digging would probably uncover the legend itself, which would be enlightening to say the least.
I have also heard that the mystic moon is going to be a thing soon, so there is actually the possibility of the priestess coming from another world. But we'll see how that goes. I'd be fine with working out a way for her to be from the in game world.

For the record, the way the ceremony is supposed to go involves the priestess being sacrificed to the god after receiving her wishes. So this is clearly a plot with a distinctive beginning, middle, and end. But again, we'll see how that goes.

And I'd also be pleased to have volunteers to oppose the summoning. Imagine that you finjd out an enemy country is about to be handed three wishes. Does that sound like a good thing to you?
Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'm really just putting this up to gauge interest. So let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

EDIT: Okay, so after some planning both here and plurkside, a few more details have been hammered out.

First, the country in question will be Amestris, with the crisis the god is trying to circumvent being their current leadership.

Which some of you may have noticed is a teensy bit corrupt.

The Priestess herself will be from the mystic moon, which is apparently about to become a thing.

I still need to find volunteers to be my celestial seven. They do not have to be from Amestris. I'm sure there are people both in and out of that country who might have an interest in opposing the current regime.

Anywho, I just thought some additional info might help people make decisions about whether they want to be involved.
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Oh god I remember hearing about this manga you are so mean. But hey I'll help get people into this plot when I get home from work! Everyone is super-nice here, and I'm sure you can get some taker.s

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Looks like people are interested!
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I might just have been hyping it to my friends a bit.
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I don't know this canon at all, but if for any reason you need other countries to stand in for the other three gods I nominate Zeon for Suzaku and Britain for Seiryuu because lol dragons. I'd offer my kingdom as your place, but its current leadership is kind of hilariously insane.

Actually one of my other characters makes a good destined priestess of Seiryuu and I've been casting about a bit for a plot for her...

Anyway this plot is definitely something we can do here and if there's anything a mad (but extremely affable) prince, an ancient warrior who was involved in the last wishing plot, a shy psychic girl with power armor, or the goddess of the dead can do, let me know.
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Well, Zeon could always use more people who will inevitably turn on Char when he starts trying to destroy civilization, if you're interested in working in pirate-and-mecha land (with very few mecha, oddly).

We do already have our own holy prophet, though, but Jeanne might also make a good holy warrior if AOB's up for it.
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I don't think it's anything at all that similar, but you'd have to ask AOB/froncentrate/the jerk mod.
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Oh this sounds intriguing.
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Amestris may not actually be a bad place for the Genbu priestess, or possibly Nameless States. Byakko is totally Awen though.
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I am so, so in Jisu at least log out of the account you're in you lazy thing. Probably going to have to app someone in, though.
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I don't know who I'd app, though. I already have a hardcore nine-year-old who acts like she's thirty and a happy princess whose life will eventually go really, really wrong.
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True enough. Or I could just app somebody else. Depends on what everyone else is doing.
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I just got through the Grail War plot, I think I can be involved in things. I'd just need to think of who to app. Oh, finally I happen to be in an account that's actually in this game.
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Either Lancer or Kay could work as Seishi. Neither would be very happy about being chosen, though.
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Oh Kay is plenty happy to accept destiny. She just doesn't want to accept a destiny of anything else than being Arturia's knight
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I was pinged on Plurk to come check this out and while I do play three ladies, it'd be hard to determine which one to throw into the mix. I think the best would be the Amestrian General, Cornelia li Britannia.

... Because let's face it, Arturia is snowflake enough and Dany can't speak any common language.