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Chapter End!

The Reset Bomb Factory has been destroyed, thanks to the efforts of Char, Athrun, Hajime, and Garviel and Mitchell and their respective troops. And also some stupid green haired goddess who can't keep her nose in her own business. No more Reset Bombs will be dropping (for now) and Viridi will be pouting mourning the impending death of the planet making voodoo dolls of people she hates exiting the picture for a bit. Actually all the others are probably true, too.

The forest that was a result of the first Reset Bomb is still around, though, but otherwise, the world is relatively unscathed.

To see the log, go to this link!

Thanks a lot for everyone who participated in this player plot! I appreciate having the chance to play this out with you! There are a few other plots I have in mind for Viridi later on, so she's not gone entirely yet.
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Haha but viridi sulk is so great.
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Well garviel will kind of miss you.
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if viridi ever thinks she's seeing a smirk from the emperor

it probably happened