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Two characters for the price of one post!

Hey guys, this is Sheepy. I have a special offer for you, today only okay not just today! One of them is Suika here, a seemingly cute but always blasted oni of a girl. Literally. She'll be coming from the mountains, cause she heard you guys were having a party. Obviously she was invited, hers just got lost in the mail. She has a fun ability where she can change her own density, as well as apparently turning into a mist that makes people want to go into a partying frenzy (probably smells like beer, peanuts and Old Spice). Obviously if you want your character to be immune (I don't know why you would, killjoy), they can be. The reason for this post, however, is not to discuss that but to discuss Suika herself. She's part of an elite group called the Four Devas of the Mountain, extremely strong demons, so it would not be out of line for some people to at least know the story. Again, that's up to your personal discretion whether or not your character(s) know about that.

Character number two is just some useless meat, don't worry about her. She's just some Demon Queen, feared among the masses for being completely heartless and all-powerful. But really, she's a good girl. She'll teach you about economics too!

Where Demon Queen (and Hero when Void apps him) is concerned, there are two things that I'm looking for. That would be a kingdom where she could pose as a human--preferably either already in an advisory role or working her way toward--as well as either castmates or interesting CR. I'm particularly looking for a Female Knight or Holo from Spice and Wolf (FOR GREAT ECONOMICS--I mean JUSTICE). I would also love more demons for her to bro it up with, probably in the vein of like. Bowser. Demons that look a lot less human that can either know her or be related to her. She's essentially the last boss of an RPG, so someone who can pound on the fourth wall a bit would be a lot of fun, I think. But really, I'll take what I can get.

Anyway, that's it. I may be making a few more posts in the next month and a half after wedding stuff is done. Suika and Demon Queen are only the first in a bunch of characters I'm looking to app, but with only two free slots at the moment, I figured that I would get them out of the way first. HAVE AT.
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Oh god she's gonna troll him.

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The States, or Zeon? Char tends to get a lot of questionable people that he just doesn't question. I personally love the idea of moar demons in the game.

I don't even know how to approach it, but if you can think of a cool idea, I'm okay with Ciel and her knowing eachother. Rosa might be up for something amusing(she's planning to re-app Sebastian, might get loaded down with work so it's tentative.)

If I ever get unbusy enough to try Arro again, I might be willing to chat with you about history with those two as well, but I really hope her presence and your idea and encouragement brings in some Nintendo villains now, like Kamek again.

Also, a Ridley would be nice. Like cousins.

This is for the Queen, btw. Touhou is just over my head. >>;
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Well, Demon Queen isn't questionable really. She dislikes war (despite her knowledge that it is extremely necessary and actually good for the economy in some ways) and does want to make things better. She's the weirdest end boss let me tell you. She's actually surprisingly moe all things considered. She actually shares quite a few expressions with Mikuru, pretty sure xD

Also I know nothing about Ciel or Black Butler, so you'd have to fill me in.
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Depending on the Demon Queen's actual motivation, she still might be a good fit for Zeon. It's also the land of really badass (by necessity) traders, after all.
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... er...


/says the person that plays three of them


Otherwise, I think Yuyuko would probably have read about them since that's all she does with her spare time when not being kidnapped by Yukari is collect books and read them.

That and there's canon implication that not only do Yuyuko and Suika know each other from before, but Yuyuko doesn't like Suika for some-reason-or-another if we want to go that route. (Ie make it so they don't like each other is what I mean.)

Or you could just traumatise the poor girl by gathering her into the middle of a party and watching her lose control of her powers because of the panic attack and kill a bunch of them.

... And stuff.

And yay somebody else I know finally plays Suika \o\
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Yeah, I considered going with oni, but this is more of a western-styled game, so I figured going with demon was more apt.

I don't know that Suika's as malicious to cause Yuyuko to go berserk (well, on purpose at least), she's more of a happy thrashy drunk. That said, since I believe Yuyuko lives close to the mountains, she could have trolled her a bit, I don't at all mind that.
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Hey, that works. /quietly does not look at Kasen or Shuten-douji, I swear

Anyway; having been trolled every so often is fine. Continued trolling is fine. Accidentally hitting her berserk button is fine if it ever comes to that. Sky's the limit here as far as I know but I want all the CR (no matter if it turns negative, pff) because I never get to play on the other side of the oni. ;;
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Oh God do it! I want a Kasen so bad you have no idea~
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Haha, oh god. The grumpiest person I can possibly play.

Weeeeeeeell, we'll see. Tempting as it is, and easy as I am to enable.
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Dagaria needs more grumps imho.
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Haha, well, if my RP drive starts picking back up I'll look into it.

And she can spend her entire time with her fake palm attached firmly to her forehead.
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And how is this any different than canon?

But yes, I totally understand the lack of drive thing. That was me all spring quarter this school year. Take your time.
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It's not, and that's the best part. A delayed app is better anyway, so she can work to try to clean up the mess Suika's made and then work to undermine any random plots she might have. :'D

Otherwise, it's just trolling poor bb Yuyuko for now.
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Economics you say~?

I'm also especially interested in seeing a Holo here~! :3
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