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Newcomer here! I... have said before that I couldn't join, but the pull was just too strong...

I bring you Dhaos, the antagonist from Tales of Phantasia! In a nutshell, Dhaos used to be the ruler of the largest nation in his world until a smaller nation jacked stuff up, so he left to go find a way to save his planet, and then he arrived in Phantasia's world, where HUMANS were jacking stuff up and he got angry and Human Hating Tree Hugger happened. In-game he's known as the Demon King because he made a deal with the demons to get their help, and co-leads them with another character until she's killed by the party.

I realize that this is not the best way to start off in Imperial Saga, but the setting here is perfect for exploring the Dhaos from before Phantasia-- that is, the Prince of Elusion he used to be. As much as I would adore the chance for him to actually be a ruler, I understand that as a first-time player I probably don't inspire enough faith for that XD;;; Suggestions and HALP with regards to bringing out the prince in Dhaos would be very much appreciated! As long as I get to play his princely side somehow I am perfectly content with any position or lack thereof ♥

Besides that, Dhaos is also a very powerful sorcerer with your typical villainous powers, like teleporting, mind control, frikkin' laser beams and the ability to cast a whole bunch of stuff at once. He'll be powered down in IS, of course, but he's always avoided conflict if possible, even as a ruler. So, um, peaceful sorcerer-type guy here, yeah.  He does have a huge capacity for anger, though, which is why the game happened at all.  He ain't soft, yo.

So, is there room for Dhaos in Imperial Saga?  And if so, where? XD
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I'm curious, as I've nor played Phastasia, but if Dhaos human? The icons make him look a bit elven. If so, there is a fae court in Lerrian that's loosely allied with Awen if you're interested in that.
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Oh, my goodness, I just noticed the rampant typos in my earlier comment.

If you want to consider him 'fae' it could still work with the fae courts. They're not all just elves. Just throwing that out there. You're more than welcome to bring him into Awen and keep the prince angle otherwise. There are enough tribes in the kingdom and even some humans, so it's not all beastmen.
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If you ever wanna bounce something off me or anything, send me a pm!
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One thing, you might not really need to be powered down too much bro! People here are pretty much at their canon power level unless it is WORLD ENDING, and everyone is assumed to be a badass/equal strength in some way.

Oh and welcome.

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This guy actually got powered UP coming in, but that's a long story and involves Fate/stay stuff and is thus sillylarious.

Glad to have ya. If you have any questions about stuff hit me on AIM, I'm Fenrirbill and I love to help new guys.
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Sorry couldn't help myself.

Aha, welcome! I'd love to see you join! Your idea is interesting, and I think it could definitely work out - we're opening up a new area soon, too, so if you want him to have a kingdom across the sea, that's definitely feasible. Or perhaps he comes from a far-off land to learn more about Dagarian culture or something along those lines. I think there are different ways you can work this!

I'm glad I left Klarth's backstory vague now. I don't think there's any cause for them to be antagonists if you're going that angle, but I'd still be glad to get CR with you!
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I think the mods would be cool with it! We already have a few characters like that. I believe Medea is a princess from an off-screen kingdom to the north, while our Link comes from a Hyrule somewhere off-map. Also, another character of mine is a deity, so I don't think you have to worry about power levels, either. AUs are pretty cool.

Unfortunately, Magitek doesn't rip mana from the environment in this canon, so the driving force of Phantasia isn't there. But yeah, let's plot more if you decide to app!

The deity I play, by the way, hates humanity for ruining the environment (she's the goddess of nature), so perhaps she'd get on well with Dhaos, too.
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Need an excuse to hate humanity? I might have people for you to talk to....