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Faction: Knights of the Round Table

Hello potential applicants and current players already in game. I'm Kattu, I play Arturia, and it's about damn time I made an attempt to start this up.

While Britain is notorious for it's large amount of knights and fighters, I'd like to open this faction up to every kingdom, so long as the character is appropriate for it. I'm not wholly sure how I should go about implementing it, so ideas would be great for that. There are two things to note though:

1) Women can become a member of this faction. Since there's already Kay and Arturia, it would be pretty strange otherwise.
2) Policies would be along the lines of the Code of Chivalry. There will be a couple of modifications to not make it not be so focused on Britain.
3) Those who are a part of the Knights of the Round Table are welcomed within Camelot (Dalweth) and would be able to command within the Britain military should war/battle arise without a commanding officer. Yes, this means someone from an unrelated kingdom can boss around Britain troops.

Current members are: King Arthur, King Arturia, and the first knight, Kay.

So yes, let's plot!
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It should be pointed out that Kay is the first knight chronologically. Whether she still has the standing as the first knight in terms of valor/chivalry/general fame except in her own head is up for debate. But she will definitely act like a bossy bitch to the other knights. However, a good thing is that the other knights are allowed to argue/fight against her.
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B-but Arturia is the King...Alright, who was the goddamned little shit who put this idea in Arturia's head?
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...That's a good idea.
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Oh you silly knights and your chivalry. Taryn is too primal, too rage-filled, for such a thing.
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And here Taryn thought Iri was the most important thing in the world to Arturia. STOP HAVING THAT AFFAIR WITH CHIVALRY, ARTY. YOU'RE MATED.
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...maybe. Only if that chivalry doesn't get in the way of Taryn circling the twin brother. Viridi already wants grandkids.
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Does this mean people can punch Arturia and get away with it?

At least Arthur's woman rules her own kingdom.
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Kusuha is all up in this. Not sure if she's Perceval or Galahad for purposes of "why are you so dumb/naive/overpowered", but she's in.

Also Signum might be a good international member of this but I don't want to have two characters in the same kingdom/faction.

And I think the way of implementing it is making the core ideal "group of honorable knights" rather than "the King(s) of Britain's personal asskickers who happen to be honorable knights".
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So do we have any MacGuffins laying around from other plots we should go pick up, or should we make up our own objective?

The latter's got a pretty good song for it...
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Katina wouldn't exactly run around working specifically towards being a Knight of the Round Table, so it'll have to be offered to her.
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Utena is so in.
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revan poops on your honor

come at him
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Garviel wonders if you crazy bastards are related to

Probably you are.

When the Crusade company morphs into these guys (Which will be soon), there will be a hulking figure in armor even more imposing than Garviel's plate that occasionally teleports in, lays wastewith a huge crystal halberd, and leaves.
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I have a character I'm considering apping who may work well with this. Are either Britain or Rome in need of a knight captain? He'd work best from one of those countries, although others would do in a pinch.
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Alright, thanks! I'll definitely think about it.
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Rome would love to have him as a character, but he can totes join the knights of the round as a faction.